Design Evaluation Process

Our judging experts take great pride in setting international best practice in design evaluation.

All entries are required to provide additional materials for a hands on evaluation. Entries are showcased in the assessment venue where a panel of Australian and International Judges will assess each entry and select recipients of the Good Design® Selection and/or Good Design Award®.

Judging Process
Judges are issued with a Scoresheet and asked to review entries based on carefully developed Evaluation Criteria. No formal presentations are required by the applicant, however should judges wish to direct questions to the applicant during assessment, questions will be posed by conference call or email to help inform the Judges’ decisions. (Please note, highly technical entries may be asked to give a short presentation to the judges to help them understand the design merits of the entry.)

At the conclusion of the judging process, the Judging Panel meet on the final day of assessments to determine which entries will be awarded the Good Design® Selection and which go on to receive a Good Design Award®, a Good Design Award® Best in Category, the Good Design Award® for Sustainability, and the coveted Good Design Award® of the Year, the most prestigious Award in the program.

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2012 Good Design® Selection - Product Design



Every year, Good Design Australia invites renowned design experts from Australia and around the world to participate in the Good Design Awards evaluation process.

The Judges consist of leading design experts in the fields of industrial design, engineering, architecture, software and electronics design, automotive design, service design, design strategy and digital and communication design.

Behind closed doors, the Judging Panel closely inspect each and every entry and evaluate them according to their professional expertise and the Evaluation Criteria.

Each Judge is selected based on their area of expertise and their ability to bring an individual perspective to the evaluation process. Judges are asked to sign and agree to a Code of Conduct (PDF) to ensure they act in a fair, transparent and independent manner while evaluation submissions.

Any matters relating to conflict of interest must be disclosed by individual Judges to Good Design Australia where Judges may be asked to abstain from the judging process.

The 2017 Jury Panel will be confirmed soon, below is the 2016 Jury Panel.

2016 Judging Panel

Dr. Mugendi K. M'Rithaa

President, ICSID – World Design Organization (Canada)
Professor, Industrial Design, CPUT (South Africa)

Donghoon Chang

President, Samsung Art and Design Institute (Sth. Korea)
Former Head of Design, Samsung

Paul Priestman

Director, PriestmanGoode (UK)
Global Creative Director, CRRC Sifang
Trustee, UK Design Council

‘I think good design translates into better quality of life and a more sustainable future for all…’

Professor Mugendi K. M’Rithaa is an industrial designer, educator and researcher at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He studied in Kenya, the USA, India and South Africa and holds postgraduate qualifications in Industrial Design, Higher Education and Universal Design.

He is widely traveled and has taught in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Sweden and is passionate about various expressions of socially responsive and responsible design, including: Designerly Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change; Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability; Distributed Renewable Energy; Indigenous Knowledge Systems; Participatory Design and Universal Design.

Mugendi has a special interest in the pivotal role of design in advancing the developmental agenda on the African continent. He is associated with a number of international networks focusing on design within industrially developing (or majority world) contexts. Mugendi is also Africa’s first President of the World Design Organization (WDO) that was previously known as the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid). Much of his work focuses on the importance of WDO/Icsid in supporting the aspirations of younger designers worldwide.

To see example of his talks, interests and current work, use this link:

Mr Chang was responsible for the product and user experience design of Samsung mobile devices, and has played a critical role in the development of design strategy for the IT & Mobile Communications division. His contributions to design development have led Samsung mobile to maintain a premium quality product.

Chang established Samsung’s design vision for the future and developed mid to long-term design strategies, including ‘Design Identity 3.0’. Under the slogan: ‘Make it Meaningful’, Samsung has focused on enhancing the quality of life through considering the value of people and society. He also takes responsibilities for the global design offices to meet different needs around the world.

Chang has directed design projects for various global hit models including: TouchWIZ and Haptic UX in 2008, UltraTOUCH and Blue) Eco Package in 2009, Wave and more recently the Galaxy S series, Galaxy Tab series, Galaxy Note and TouchWiz UX. With his recent developments, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Tab 10.1, he’s continually pursuing his passion for user-centered design.

Paul Priestman is a designer, Director of PriestmanGoode and Global Creative Director of CRRC Sifang, one of the world’s largest rolling stock manufacturers. His work spans the breadth of industrial design from consumer products to the New Tube for London, high speed trains, hotels and aircraft interiors.

For over 25 years, the guiding principle in Priestman’s work has been his belief that design is not just about styling, but about making things better. This approach has led his studio to win a host of prestigious awards, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, the Future Friendly Award for Sustainable Design Innovation and numerous Travel and Transport Awards around the globe. Today, Priestman is known not just for his client work, but for his award-winning future concepts – visionary ideas to improve our everyday lives and encourage sustainable, long-term thinking. He is an inspirational speaker on the subject of creative future thinking and the value of design to business.

In 2015, the Evening Standard voted Priestman one of London’s 1000 most influential people for the third consecutive year. This January, he was also announced as one of Britain’s 500 most influential individuals by The Sunday Times newspaper.

Andrea Ehlers

Director, Delinea (AUS)

Cheryl Kernot

Director of Social Business
Centre for Social Impact, UNSW (AUS)

Benjamin Wilson

Industrial Designer and Brand Manager
P&G Braun Corporate Design (Germany)

Andrea was co-founder of multi award-winning WMK Architecture where she led highly successful design strategies for major corporate, hospitality and retail clients. Her unique use of brand in the built environment incorporating environmental psychology delivered valuable business improvements and has contributed to management theory on brand impact.

She has also led the implementation of leading-edge sustainable design for key commercial projects delivering environmental, economic and social outcomes with long-term effectiveness.

With extensive industry knowledge, an MBA and a Master of Sustainable Development, Andrea brings creative and commercial insight to clients in her consulting practice Delinea, working on strategies for positioning, performance, revenue growth and sustainability.

Cheryl Kernot is an Australian politician, academic, and political activist. She was a member of the Australian Senate representing Queensland for the Australian Democrats from 1990 to 1997, and the fifth leader of the Australian Democrats from 1993 to 1997. Cheryl is currently the Director of Social Business at the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW

Full Bio to follow shortly

At the beginning of 2002 Benjamin decided to move to Europe to experience new cultures, learn more about himself and to start his design career. He now has a family of 4 and enjoys being part of the European and P&G design scene.

Working for the celebrated and historically significant Braun Design over the past 14 years, Benjamin´s product design and design management skills have evolved to a world class level. Functioning similarly to a design agency, Braun Design has given Benjamin a unique opportunity to carry out product design for diverse categories within Braun as well as many outstanding brands within Proctor & Gamble. Over the years he has continually been renowned for asking the right questions that lead to finding new answers, which lead to innovation and great design.

In addition to his industrial design work, Benjamin was the strategic lead and host of the 2015 BraunPrize ( under the motto of “what is your extra in the ordinary?” and is the design lead for Braun´s clocks and watches business.

Ian Muir

Chief Experience Officer
Westpac (AUS)

Mick Boston

Design Director
FutureBrand Australia (AUS)

Harald Leschke

Former Head of Advanced Design
Daimler AG (Germany)

Ian Muir is responsible for Service Design and design strategy, with a focus on digital initiatives to shape the future of financial services. His track record of delivery has led to customer voted awards and recognition of industry innovations across consumer, business and corporate environments.

Ian’s 18 years in financial services was preceded by 10 years in industrial automation where his creative problem solving was applied to manufacturing and process industries in a variety of sales, marketing, product management and software development roles.

Ian also does freelance work with local and international organisations consulting on service design and design strategy, is a design mentor to startups and entrepreneurs and is a regular presenter and panelist at conferences and forums.

‘I think good design is singular in its voice and builds a strong emotional connection with its audience.’

Mick is the Design Director for the Sydney office of FutureBrand, a global brand and innovation company.

Mick has over 14 years experience in branding and has worked with some of the world’s biggest and smallest brands. During that time he has been fortunate enough to rebrand a country and two national banks as well as nimble but highly challenging projects in cosmetics, the arts and property. He has been fortunate enough to have been awarded internationally as well as nationally for his work.

Mick is most proud of the development of a highly successful creative process used by FutureBrand in the region. Built around the principles of fun, positivity and openness amongst teams, the process is supported by powerful ideation tools designed to aid the generation of surprising and unique solutions to client problems.

Harald Leschke commenced his career with the Daimler-Benz Group in 1978 as an automotive designer. Where he quickly became the team leader of the Exterior Design unit and in 1986 became the first assistant to Bruno Sacco. From 1987 he was busy setting up the first Mercedes–Benz Advanced Design Studio in Germany. As the Head of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design, he has been responsible for numerous Advanced Design projects that have been developed in the Daimler-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Germany, the USA, Japan and Italy.

In addition to Advanced Design he also became responsible for Corporate Design in 2001. For more than 20 years he lectured on Automotive Design in the Transportation Design Department at the “Hochschule für Gestaltung” in Pforzheim. He has also developed several projects and workshops in cooperation with lecturers and students of Industrial Design at the Beijing Academy of Arts and Design and in 1999 Harald was awarded an Honorary Professor at the Academy. In 2004 Harald begun a partnership with the Design Department at the Technical University Sofia in Bulgaria. This partnership is maintained today and runs a project called “Innovative Platform Concept for E-Cars”.

In September 2007 Harald retired from his 30-year career at DaimlerChrysler Car Group and moved to Bulgaria, where he formed “” and begun working as a freelance designer and consultant. His projects since include, developing a strategy for Litex Motors and working as a consultant for various car projects including CRD-Projects (Brabus). Harald also spends time teaching at Universities.

Harald Leschke has attended many congresses and workshops worldwide as a speaker for design and automotive design and has sat on a number of jury panels for design awards around the world.

Dr Sam Bucolo

Professor Design and Innovation

Jianjun Xie

President & Creative Advisor
Dongdao Creative Branding Group (China)

Ben Crothers

Principal Design Strategist
Atlassian (AUS)

‘I think good design should be the foundation which underpins a prosperous national economy to enhance its standard of living.’

Dr Sam Bucolo is a Professor of Design Innovation at UTS, whose role is to help Australian businesses grow through Design Led Innovation, while ensuring university programs evolve to match this structural industry shift. Sam was one of the original founders of the term Design Led Innovation, based on his work in getting firms to shift their focus from Technology Led Innovation models.

Sam has collaborated widely with a range of industry partners and has led many government initiatives on embedding design led innovation within organisations. Sam has held several senior positions within Universities and has been a former entrepreneur. He currently heads the Australian Design Integration Network and is the elected Australian board member for Cumulus, which represents over 200 art, design and media universities in 48 countries.

‘Excellence in design is achieved through a deep understanding and expression of shared human emotions, by receiving the acknowledgment of the academia, by revealing unique cultural assets and by discovering unprecedented aesthetics.’

Jianjun Xie graduated with a master degree from the renowned China Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1997, he founded Dongdao Design in Beijing; and has been managing the enterprise as President ever since. Under his guidance, Dongdao has evolved to become China’s leading creative branding consultancy. Mr Xie is a member of numerous design associations, and has received many prestigious awards.

‘Good design is aware of its impact on us as individuals, on each other, and on our future’.

Ben is a design strategist, mentor and team leader with deep knowledge and expertise in UX strategy and design, as well as user research, conceptual thinking, design, development, content production and social/content marketing.

He has been in the online industry from when Netscape Navigator ruled the web, and has worked with several start-ups, digital agencies and Saas products, as well as corporate, NFP and government clients.

His strengths include helping people refine, re-frame and redefine their thinking into better strategies, better concepts, better communications, and better roadmaps.

“I’m into designing *with* as well as *for* customers, which is why I’m a big fan of Design Thinking practice. People who work with me know that I’m very thorough, energetic, and passionate about digital user experience.”

Right now, Ben is working on a range of tools and practices to bring out the thinker and designer in anyone and everyone involved with online product strategy, design and development, to help people build the right things in the right way, with the right teams.

Specialties: UX strategy, research and design, brand strategy, prototyping, storyboarding, running workshops, sketching, team management, design tools and techniques.

Also a dab hand at: project and contractor management, web development, business analysis, usability, accessibility, standards-compliant (X)HTML/5, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Axure, Tobii and Morae.

Ben also paints abstracts, regularly teaches sketching and design at General Assembly, and recently spoke and ran a design innovation workshop at Link Festival 2015. He is a massive fan of bringing out creativity and systems thinking in others.

Steve Baty

Meld Studios (AUS)

Antony Stolfo

Creative Director
Outerspace Design (AUS)

Tharani Jegatheeswaran

Partner, Social Impact Consulting
Deloitte (AUS)

Steve has over 14 years’ experience as a design and strategy practitioner. Steve is well known in the area of strategy and design, contributing to public discourse on these topics through articles and conferences.

Steve serves as President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), is a regular contributor to, serves as an editor and contributor to Johnny Holland (, and is the founder of UX Book Club – a worldwide initiative bringing together user experience practitioners in over 80 locations to read, connect and discuss books on user experience design.

Steve is co-Chair of UX Australia – Australia’s leading conference for User Experience practitioners, and Chair of Interaction 12 – the annual conference of the IxDA for 2012.

I think good design is a magical blend of art and science that goes beyond satisfying a need or want, appealing to our senses, triggering emotional, rational and sometimes irrational responses to buy and then buy again.

Antony is a Creative Executive Designer with over 25 years of Automotive Design experience in Operational and Strategic Design leadership.

As the former Design Director for GM Holden, Antony lead Australia’s largest and most awarded Automotive Design Team, developing a wealth of Local and International Design knowledge that covers all aspects of Design including Strategic Foresight Planning, Advanced Design and Production Design.

Antony was responsible for the launch of multiple Australian and International Design Awards including 2004 Holden Torana TT36 (concept), 2005 Holden Efijy (concept), 2006-2008 Holden VE Commodore, Caprice, Sportswagon, Ute, 2008 Holden Coupe 60 (concept) 2009 Chevrolet Camaro (production), 2010 EN-V (Segway EV concept) and the 2013 VF Commodore.

In recognition for his services to Australian Design, Antony was awarded a Fellow Member of the Industrial Design Institute of Australia. He has served on numerous Industry Advisory Boards and Design judging panels.

‘I think good design should tackle the complex social challenges that we face in society today and help build a stronger and richer civil society.’

Tharani leads Deloitte Australia’s Social Impact Consulting practice, a specialist practice that works at the intersection of the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, government and business to tackle society’s most pressing challenges.

Tharani has over 12 years’ experience as an advisor to not-for-profit organisations, government agencies and business. Her areas of experience include – strategic planning, growth, financial sustainability, innovation, operating model design, governance, and risk management. Tharani is passionate about bringing the latest trends in strategy, technology and innovation from other industries and global players to help transform the Australian social sector.

Tharani is also a Board Director for the Deloitte Foundation and is a passionate speaker and advocate for shared value and increased corporate and not-for-profit sector collaboration.
In 2014, Tharani was recognised as a National finalist in the ‘Emerging Leader in the Private Sector’ NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards for her efforts in pursuing profit with purpose.

In a personal capacity, Tharani is a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ for Good Return, an ACFID accredited microfinance organisation. She is passionate about all things to do with social impact, social innovation, technology, disruption and diversity.

Paul Huxtable

Non Executive Chairman,
Eye Catcher Innovations
Mentor (AUS)

Terri Winter

Founder / Curator
top3 by design (AUS)

Andrew Beecher

Managing Director and CEO

‘Good design is a journey that begins by questioning conventional wisdom and stepping outside the comfort zone to find better solutions.’

Paul is the Founder and Non Exec Chairman of Eye-Catcher Innovations, a global leader in the design of warehouse impact protection products manufactured in Australia and sold in over 60 countries.

Paul’s career began in 1971 and progressed to senior design and marketing roles within two well-known Australian public companies. In 1989 Paul founded a Product Design & Engineering consultancy, which at its peak, had offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur.

Educated in Design and Engineering in South Australia, Paul’s product development experience spans a broad range of industries on 6 continents, and has authored/co-authored multiple international patents in diverse product categories including medical products, bathroom-ware, whitegoods and aquaculture.

Paul achievements include Multiple Design Awards, Innovation Awards, Business Awards and Export Awards, but the most satisfying is the many successful products in which he has been involved, and the success of the many designers and innovators he has either worked with, directed or mentored.

‘I think good design should improve our every day. Good design rarely shouts from the rooftops, but should always excite the senses. Good design quietly shapes our world.’

Terri Winter is the co-founder, buyer and creative force behind top3 by design. A concept born in Australia and unique to the world, top3 is about editing options, not limiting choice – reducing the excess that falls outside the top3 parameters of quality, innovation and style.

Terri believes in fostering design, not stealing it, so all top3 products are 100% authentic. Since it’s inception 14 years ago, Top3 has since continued to evolve with a vision of sourcing only the best-designed products from around Australia and the world, serving them up in a tantalising instore and online experience.

With excellence at its core, top3’s range features thousands of products, but never more than the 3 best items in their respective class by merit of design – everything from homewares and accessories to kitchen and dining.

Top3 by design has been recognised by several design and retail industry awards, including GIA – Global Innovator Award, Chicago 2009 and World Retail Congress Award Finalist, London 2012.

Running an Internally Award winning business herself, Terri is passionate about the place of Awards programs for both large businesses as well as individual designers to boost recognition and understanding of their product to a wider audience.

‘I think good design should balance elements of functionality and desire in equal measure.’

Over 15 years of full time dot com experience at a senior executive level has lent Andrew the unique marketing and commercial experience required grow, retain and monetize online audiences while building brands that engage with Australian users.

With a passion for creative ideas that work within the digital environment, his marketing experience has spanned both digital and offline campaigns.

Adam Laws

Nielsen Design Associates (AUS)

Andrew Maclean

National Editor
Drive (AUS)

Madeline Lester

Executive Director
Madeline Lester + Associates (AUS)
Past President, IFI (AUS)

Adam Laws is Director of Adam Laws Pty Ltd, an industrial design business producing royalty-based projects in Australia and Denmark. For 15 years Adam was a Director of the leading industrial design consultancy Nielsen Design Associates, where he was the principal creative designer of numerous well known designs including the award-winning Betachek G5 blood glucose meter, Clark sink plug, and Telstra T1000 rental phone.

Laws is also a part-time lecturer in Industrial Design at the University of NSW and is highly skilled in the use of Alias surface modelling software. He has an Industrial Design degree from the University of Canberra.

‘I think good design should… excite the emotions and challenge the senses while improving its intended function.’

Andrew is the National Motoring Editor for Fairfax Media’s Drive sections in The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age as well as, Australia’s leading editorial automotive website.

He has been a motoring writer for 20 years, having started as a freelance journalist after completing his education in Perth. During that time he has edited several of the country’s leading automotive magazines in Melbourne and Sydney and is considered one of the country’s most authorative motoring experts.

Andrew has extensive knowledge of the automotive industry having driven more than 1000 new cars in the last decade alone, along with regularly interviewing leading automotive designers and other key executives.

He currently lives in Newcastle and is a father of two teenage children.

Madeline Lester was made a Member of the Order of Australia, for services to Design and Education in her field. Over her over forty year career, Madeline, began working as a designer with PTW Architects, in the late sixties into the early seventies, working primarily in office and workplace design. In 1988 she was a co-founder in the well known interior design firm, Interni, where she remained a partner until 2005.

Her professional career spanned from commercial, retail, hospitality and residential design, where she continues to practice. Madeline is a Past President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) , 2005-2007, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Design Alliance (IDA) 2008- 2013. Madeline is a Past President and Honorary Life Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia, (DIA) a member of the Hall of Fame of the DIA, an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Tasmania, and a member of the Board of Good Design Australia.

Madeline is a member of a number of Course Advisory Committees, those being Enmore College of Design TAFE NSW, Bachelor of Design Degree (Interior Design), the Raffles Design Institute, and Think Education, Billy Blue, Course Advisory Committee.

Angelo Candalepas

Candalepas Associates (AUS)

Timothy Horton

NSW Architects Registration Board (AUS)

Tim Riches

Tim Riches Brand Consultant (AUS)

‘The proof of good design is in its usefulness that comes at once with its beauty. The two are intertwined.’

Angelo was born in Sydney and graduated from the University of Technology in 1992. In 1999 Angelo established Angelo Candalepas and Associates Pty Limited.

Since 1999, the company, under his leadership has won many awards, which include the 2011 Frederick Romberg National Award and the Sulman Medal for Public Architecture. Angelo’s work and reflections on Architecture and Design have been published nationally and internationally. The work of the firm is published in the current edition of ‘10x10x3’ (New York Phaidon Press) as the work of one of the 100 most interesting emerging architectural offices in the world.

‘I think good design has never been more needed than now. Our capacity to produce and consume has never been greater. Good design begins to address the critical question of why, and for what purpose, we do either.’

Timothy Horton is a nationally recognised contributor on design, innovation and city governance. As Australia’s first Commissioner for Integrated Design, Tim provided independent advice to the government of South Australia across design, planning and development in local, state and national policy, programs and projects.

Tim is the Registrar of the NSW Architects Registration Board – a statutory authority with a remit to register architects, inform the public, protect consumers and promote architecture.

He is an award winning architect with experience spanning the public and private sector in Australia and internationally. Common throughout has been a deep interest in how design shapes civic space, and can be a strategic capability for developing good public policy.

In 2013 he was the founding CEO of the Committee for Adelaide; a not for profit association of private sector organisations interested in the long term future of Adelaide and South Australia.

He has held positions as state President and National Director of the Australian Institute of Architects, and advised the Australian Government as a member of the editorial board for the Australian Urban Design Protocol and the Built Environment Industry Innovation Council. Tim has held Board positions on the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network, the Australian Design Alliance, the CRC for Low Carbon Living and South Australia’s leading craft and design body, the Jam Factory.

Interests include the intersection of architecture and design, technology and innovation, good public policy and governance.

Tim has worked in the branding, communications, design and research fields for 25 years. Over that time, He has held business leadership roles including CEO Australia for Edelman (the world’s largest PR consultancy), MD Australia for Designworks (a leading Australasian multi-disciplinary design firm), MD Australia for The Leading Edge Most (a respected international research and strategy boutique), and variety of roles over 12 years with FutureBrand (a global brand consultancy), including Strategy Director, Managing Director of Australia and Singapore, and Chief Growth Officer, Asia-Pacific.

He originally trained and qualified as a lawyer at Monash University, he also has an Arts degree with a philosophy major and postgraduate qualification in marketing from RMIT.

For several years he was as an Adjunct Professor to the School of Design at Swinburne University. He has provided expert evidence on brand in high profile trademark litigation, regularly judges the Effies (Australian Advertising Effectiveness Awards) and the Australian Good Design Awards, and has also been a judge for the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards.

Some of his milestone projects include the rebranding of Swinburne University in the 90s (the first of 10 Universities he worked with and his first taste of big branding projects), the branding of BHP Billiton, the branding of Australia for Tourism Australia, brand strategy for Crown Melbourne, a major segmentation and portfolio strategy for Westpac’s retail banks and work with Telstra.

His “specialist subjects” include country and destination branding, professional and financial services, education, retail, sports and design thinking. He has a professional interest in cultural insights and cognitive psychology, and a personal interest in motorbikes, food, sci-fi and crime fiction.

Carolyn Curtis

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (AUS)

Braden Wilson

Industrial Designer and Co-Founder
cocreators (AUS)

Clair van Veen

CVV Brand and Customer Experience Strategy (AUS)

Carolyn joined TACSI in 2010 as a secondee from state child protection services – having hit barriers at the policy and management level she wanted to explore making a difference to the system from outside. Carolyn was co-lead on the project that created the family peer support program Family by Family; winner of a NAPCAN award for innovation in child protection.

As CEO, Carolyn has grown TACSI from an initiative funded by government to a sustainable and growing social enterprise – deepening TACSI’s expertise in child protection and broadening TACSI’s influence into other areas including ageing and disability.

Carolyn is a strong advocate for the need to focus social innovation efforts in the areas where it is a necessity – to change outcomes for families, older people, people with disabilities, and Indigenous Australians and to transform the government service system.

Braden Wilson is an industrial designer and tech entrepreneur. Graduating from Industrial Design in 2001 Braden has persued his proffessional career as an independant Industrial Designer specialising in advanced CAD surfacing for commercial product design.

Braden has taught parametric CAD and advanced surfacing for industrial design in a large range of corporations and SMEs throughout Australia. Complementing his own proffessional career and independant studies in industrial design, Braden has keenly focused on the evolution of digital design tools. Core to this being the relationship between rapid digital prototyping, and the translation and design of 3 dimensional data between physical and digital environments.

In 2010 after 3D scanning and modelling the outcome of a former students maxilofacial surgery (both digitaly and physically), Braden founded Bioscan 3D, a medical start-up predicting outcomes of cosmetic and plastic surgery through the use of 3D scanning and 3D printing.
Based in the National Innovation Centre, Bioscan 3D gave Braden exposure to many technology hardware startups in need of great industrial design to complement the cutting edge technology that was being developed.

Born from this need, Braden co-founded cocreators pty ltd. an industrial design and engineering consultancy that partners with hardware, IOT and wearable technology companies to bring their products into existence. Based in Sydney and Taiwan, cocreators focuses on product development from concept through to production with an international client base of tech startups. Included in this client base are some of Australias highest crowdfunded hardware products such as the Ninja Sphere, Ninja Block Alpha, Gofar Microview and Forcite Alpine products.

Braden’s design work has been featured globally and recieved international acclaim.

A proven business leader, brand strategist and human-centred customer experience designer. Clair has a unique combination of strategic thinking, high creativity and strong commercial focus. She uses design thinking methodologies to build empathy for the consumer/user, inspire innovative thinking and design genuine business solutions. Her strategic leadership has contributed to the transformation of brand experiences for category leading organisations in retail, retail services, health and property.

Past clients and employers include Westpac, Stockland, Westfield, Luxottica, ANZ, Bupa, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries, Savills, Witchery, Telstra, Minister for Employment & Training, Youth & the Arts, and McWilliam’s Wines.

Samantha Stevens

Motoring Journalist,
Sydney Motorsport Park (AUS)
Australian Tarmac Rally Champ (AUS)

Morgan Drew

Managing Director and Founder,
Incling (AUS)

Lee Liston

Director, 4design (AUS)

Samantha is a freelance motoring journalist, working for some of Australia’s most prestigious motoring titles over the past 12 years. She also currently holds the position of Media Operations Manager at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek, working to further different forms of motorsport, motoring events and driver education – and taking to the racetrack as often as possible.

Samantha has competed in various forms of motorsport, and has won several national titles in class, category and outright over her rally racing career. She builds and develops her own vehicles, and while this is on hold while her family expands, she’ll be back in the driver’s seat as soon as she can.

Driving and judging new vehicles as well as racing and teaching on the track offers a rare set of skills with which to assess the vehicles in our market. She has judged on both Wheels and World Car of the Year panels, and has been an Automotive Design Awards judge five times previously.

‘The design process helps inform and innovate across all aspects of the customer experience including digital, brand, services and products.’

Morgan has been applying the human-centred design and lean innovation processes to products, services and businesses for more than two decades. He has founded multiple successful companies incorporating design, software, and e-commerce and more recently been involved in bringing these skills to the Education sector.

After graduating as a designer at QUT, Morgan founded award-winning digital touchscreen solutions company Abuzz in 1993. Abuzz was the first company to create a unique electronic way-finding format from which an entire industry emerged. Today Abuzz is still considered the leading digital way-finding innovator in the world.

In 2011 Morgan established Incling which has transitioned from a purely digital design and marketing agency to experience design. Incling’s customer experience, service design and employee experience work for leading tertiary education institutions, global automotive companies and major telcos has helped position Morgan as one of Australia’s leading authorities on experience design.

BA of Industrial design with first class honours and awarded the University Medal in 1994, Lee has spent half his life dedicated to gaining knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing commercially successful products for various companies including Nike, Nokia, Canon, Sydney Olympic Park, City of Sydney, MSA and Electrolux.

Lee is a hands-on Industrial designer, a keen cyclist and enjoys ultra distance triathlons.

4design is one of Australia’s fastest growing design teams who have been recognised with over 30 local and International Design Awards in just seven years of business. Some of these include multiple Red Dot awards, Australian International Design Awards, iF Awards, Powerhouse Museum Product of the Year and Engineering Awards for the Emotiv Mind-reading Headset, X5 Intrinsically Safe Pager, Solarscan Melanoma detection device and Hub Multi Function Pole system just to name a few.

4design is dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries with a focus on customer specific solutions influenced by global trends in product design.