About the Entry

With a goal in changing the way the world looks at employment, Weploy is the fastest and simplest on-demand staffing platform that connects employers directly to a community of pre-vetted and readily available candidates.

Features & Benefits


End to end on-demand staffing solution

By utilising technology and design, we’ve been able to create a platform that allows an employer to seamlessly employ in under a minute, faster than any human recruiter can.

We’ve been able to do this by utilising design to remove the need for mass text, job descriptions, screening, referencing and on boarding. All this has been automatically done on the back end allowing you the user to solve the staffing issue and get back to their work.

Consistent high quality

By utilising the most innovative and engaging psychometric testing we’re able to vet our community of candidates automatically and qualify based on quantitive data, instead of pure emotion. This allows us to provide a consistent result in quality.

Cost effectiveness

By focusing on building a tech business, not a traditional recruitment agency, we’re able to drastically reduce our overheads and not only charge our clients a lower cost, but at the same time be able to pay the candidates higher than the industry rate.

Focus on skills rather than job titles

At Weploy we’re serious about changing the way we look at employment, which is why we emphasize job skills rather than job titles. By removing job titles and job descriptions we’re able to focus on your needs.

As a hiring manager instead of having to type out huge job descriptions, we’ve designed a user interface which allows the user to simply click on the skills they require, allowing them to hire from their phone in the train on their way to work, in between meetings and even in the bathroom!

Slide to accept

Instead of having the candidate having to constantly apply for jobs, we’ve designed an app that allows a job offer to be push notified, and then simply accepted via a slide on the screen. Making accepting a job faster, simpler and more fun.

How do I get there?

As many of our users are International travellers and students, we understood that they may not necessarily know their way around Melbourne. So by focusing on UX we’ve incorporated an API that connects to their map app, giving them insight on how far they are from the job, and what the best way to get there is. Removing the risk of being late or showing up at the wrong address.


By focusing on building a UX and UI that can be fully automated, we’re able to give the option back to the candidates so they choose when and where they want to work. Empowering them to build the experiences they want.