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We created TILT Skylights for architecturally-designed projects of high quality and beauty. They’re the only operable glass skylights available that can be utilised with a standard staircase, greatly increasing light and ventilation in a space. The skylights create an opportunity to add another level to a home – a roof terrace.

Features & Benefits


Added value

As the only operable glass skylights available on the market, TILT Skylights serve as a value-add to all projects. The product opens up opportunities for roof terraces to become seamless extensions of the home and for new (often spectacular) vistas to be unveiled and maximised.

Low profile design

TILT has designed the skylights to be respectful to the architecture of each residence. The stainless steel and glass construction is modern and streamlined. The skylights are designed so as not to obstruct surrounding neighbours’ view. The low profile design enables architects to maximise building height, whilst not obstructing surrounding neighbours’ view.

Increased natural light and ventilation

The TILT Skylights allow a significant amount of additional natural light into homes. With the length of skylights proportionate to the length of a standard staircase, the product delivers light into spaces which are typically low light.

Skylights can also be left open, taking advantage of breezes and natural ventilation throughout homes.

Fabricated and assembled in Australia

TILT Skylights are 100 per cent fabricated and assembled by Australian suppliers and manufacturers.

Warranties and Maintenance

TILT offers post-installation service, warranties and maintenance to ensure the reliable, ongoing operation of skylights.

Innovative technology transferable to other uses

Using the same technology as TILT Skylights, TILT also provides innovative hatch solutions.

TILT has designed a 3.5mm x 1m hatch that sits flush with any type of flooring and operate like TILT Skylights, using a pair of synchronized electric actuators. Various finishes are available for TILT Hatches to suit the project –from frameless glass, to vehicle load certified panels.

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