The Breville Toast Select Luxe

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The Toast select Luxe is Brevilles latest toaster offering & part of the Luxe Collection of premium co-ordinated appliances crafted in premium materials & finishes.

The Toast Select Luxe enhances consumers toasting experience by eliminating the guess work in toasting different bread types which require different toasting times.

Features & Benefits


How do you prevent burning different bread types?

Different bread types require different toasting times. Fruit bread cooks quicker than white bread, and crumpets need more heat on the top.
The Toast Select Luxe has evolved the toasting experience by taking the complexity out of toasting; eliminating the guess work in toasting different bread types.

Simply select your favorite browning setting then change the bread type and The Toast Select Luxe will automatically adjust the toasting time, to ensure consistent even results every time.

Classic yet innovative Aesthetics.

The Breville Toast Select Luxe features a classic-curved aesthetic with innovative style.

Inspired by classic cookware that is passed from one generation to the next, the our intention was is to embrace create a classic timeless design: The voluptuous curves on the body and fittings are smooth & comfortable with broad generous flowing surfaces, luxurious in feel and easy to clean. The robust base and feet firmly ground the appliance and create a common visual narrative linking the Luxe select toaster to the Luxe collection.
The considered placement of polished metals accentuates the designs features and are created to work well with colour.

How do you get the result just right?

Does your bread pop up to light, then burn after you put it back down? Ever wondered how cooked your bread is mid-cycle? The Toast Select Luxe innovative features solve these common challenges. The ‘Lift & Look’ feature allows checking the toast without cancelling the cycle and ‘A Bit More’™ button can be used when your toast comes up a bit light. The Toast Select Luxe also has a progress indicator to help know when your toast will be ready.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

To minimise the impact on the environment we have focused on best practice design principles, creating a classic aesthetic, paired with premium materials that will last the test of time. All materials are highly recyclable and are appropriately labelled to assist in separation.
Extensive Breville life testing confirms our design is durable, serviceable and easy to clean.

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