The Breville Oracle Touch™

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The Breville Oracle Touch™ is the next generation of Breville’s automatic manual espresso machines that brings true café quality to your home without the barista. Introducing the convenience of a touch screen to select and help prepare your favourite café quality drinks and optimise machine performance.

Features & Benefits


How do you empower consumers to create cafe quality coffee at home?

The Breville Oracle Touch™ uses an intuitive swipe and select function which simplifies preparation of your favourite coffee at home. Simply swipe through the selection of café style drinks and pick your favourite; Whether it is an Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Flat white, Cappuccino or Hot milk. The Breville Oracle Touch™, will help you create your selection with ease.

How do you create a cafe quality coffee with a personal touch at home?

The Breville Oracle Touch™ allows you to edit pre-set recipes to suit your personal taste including, coffee brewing time, milk temperature and froth level. Your personalized drinks can be saved as a new drink with a unique name and your favourite “latte art” icon , so you can easily recreate them later.
You can also create your own recipes from scratch, with the freedom to try and mix any combination of brewed espresso, textured milk and hot water.

How do you get the most from your espresso machine without a Barista?

True café quality coffee at home will always be a challenge. Coffee bean varieties, grind size, brew extraction time, milk temperature are just a few of the variables involved in achieving great tasting coffee.
The Oracle Touch™ aims to simplify the tricky aspects of achieving consistent quality results by providing a comprehensive “Step-by-step coffee tutorial” as well as easy to follow guides to cover getting the best performance from the Oracle Touch™.

How do you ensure optimum performance from your espresso machine?

The Oracle Touch™ is built to last and to provide consistently quality coffee time and again.
Machine set-up and routine maintenance tasks are prompted on-screen when required with guided detailed instructions to ensure your machine is safely operated to an optimum standard and can continue to do so over its lifetime.
Visual and audio feedback is provided to confirm each successfully completed step of your coffee preparation process in addition to alerting you to any operating requirements and maintenance reminders.

Small size big performance.

Until now the limitation of domestic equipment has been the biggest challenge to achieve café quality at home. Traditional domestic units lack the performance required to achieve true quality coffee and commercial systems are often too large or have operating requirements that make them not suitable for a domestic kitchen.
The Oracle Touch™ has managed to integrate all the complex systems of a commercial unit in a compact, home friendly, foot print; Triple Heat System, Grind & Tamp and Auto Steam Wand, all working seamlessly together, in a convenient domestic sized platform.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Oracle Touch™ combines Breville’s classic aesthetic with high quality materials and extensive life cycle testing which has proven the Oracle Touch™ as a durable long lasting product, in both construction and aesthetic.
To minimise environmental impact we have concentrated on best practice design principles, employing clip fastenings while reducing screw fastenings. The materials selected are highly recyclable and are appropriately labelled to assist in separation.

The Oracle Touch™ has passed the European Erp standard for Eco-design standby energy consumption.

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