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The challenge for Greenplate® was to produce an Electric BBQ Cooking Appliance that would function in the same way as a plug in Electric BBQ to mains power, however only use energy powered by the sun. The design brief/concept was based on safety and longevity of product with zero emissions. The Solar BBQ has surpassed all expectations of the design brief.

Greenplate’s® Solar BBQ utilises the Greenplate 300 Cooking Appliance that is used in our Electric BBQ. The principal is the same to run the BBQ off mains power, however it is powered up using stored energy from the sun in the optional style solar modules Greenplate® offer.

Features & Benefits


Greenplate 300 patented electric BBQ

Greenplate’s® ingenious Solar Electric BBQ utilizes the Greenplate® 300 Electric BBQ cooking appliance with all its current features. These features include audible and visual indicators on the push button switch, patented safety extra low voltage power system, adjustable temperature control and a fifteen-litre bucket with specially made heavy duty bin liners for fat collection. These features come standard on the Greenplate® Solar Electric BBQ.

Solar Modules

Greenplate® offer two Solar Module options. Option one is the PVL laminated flexible panels. These laminated panels adhere to colourbond roofing profiles that are exclusively manufactured for Greenplate® to a specific width to suite the PVL panels. This style of Solar Module is difficult to detect on the roof thus making the panels far more vandal resistant. Greenplate® supply the laminated panels pre-installed to the roofing profile. Option two is the standard monocrystalline panels. These are the most efficient in the field generating 327 watts per module. A racking system is supplied with the monocrystalline panels which are then bolted onto the roof Shelter. Greenplate® ensure that all parts used in any of their manufacturing are of the highest standards from around the world. All Solar modules are sourced from America and as a Quality Assured Company to ISO9001:2008, Greenplate® ensure all Solar Module panels and batteries are extensively tested in-house before supplying to Customers.

Battery Bank and Control System

Greenplate® calculates the exact required energy needed to maintain a BBQ in a public open space. A large 24kw battery bank is used and located inside the BBQ cabinet. This battery bank is made up of 12 x 2volt, 1000 AH Sealed Gel Batteries. These batteries have an extended-life span of up to 15 years. Greenplate® also utilize an extremely sophisticated charge/discharge control system, ensuring the battery bank is running safely and efficiently at all times.

Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Bench

The components of the Solar BBQ are housed in a completely Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Bench/Cabinet. The Bench/Cabinet has an electrical enclosure with external access door for the control equipment. There is also a large rear door to access the battery bank and another access door at the front of the BBQ cooking plate to allow easy removal of the grease bucket for emptying.

Delivery and Installation

The Solar BBQ bench comes fully assembled along with the BBQ cooking plate, control gear and solar controller. These components are all pre-installed into the control box inside the BBQ cabinet. Greenplate also pre-wire all lighting and solar modules with detailed wiring diagrams included for ease of installation.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Greenplate® are renowned for Sustainable Product Solutions! Our work ethos is to ensure every concept design and manufacturing decision is a sustainable, solutions based approach whilst still guaranteeing our products to be the safest on today’s market for the end user. Our patented technology alone is one that ensures Greenplate BBQ’s are using the least amount of energy by converting mains power 240V to only 24V at the cookplate. This is a two-pronged methodology, Energy Efficiency and Safety for the end user. Clearly it is a large financial cost for Greenplate® to maintain their patents however, we recognize this cost to be imperative in maintaining the integrity of who we are as an environmentally friendly Company and the sustainable product solutions approach we take in manufacturing.

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