About the Entry

With the height of 6 meters, the building consists of two floors in steel structure.

The internal decoration is modern and concise, with appropriate furniture used to neutralize the slightly cold building.

The landscape design is added in the overall plan, so as to construct this building into a local landmark.

Features & Benefits


Global Warming and Ice Melting

The global warming is melting glacier, is a main environmental problem in the world.

The effects of global warming are the environmental and social changes caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.

The glacier calved a large iceberg, and the sea levels started to rise, that is harmful to the human beings.

We should make everyone aware of the importance of air pollution. and also design is the common language all over the world. It is a direct way to reminds everyone pay attention to environmental problems.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

In order to warning people the air pollution is a great destroy, we take the element ‘ icebrg’ into our architecture.

The building facades are like the shape of the ice, when night is coming the whole building is like a large iceberg. We put the warm light inside the building, make the archtecture more smooth and modern.

Also the furniture is the punchline of this project.

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