About the Entry

The idea comes from the use of display windows.

Replacing the manikin’s facial makeup with transparent container-mask to create a fresh 3D visual effect.

The container-masks can be freely decorated into creative semblances depending on the store’s style or the brand’s approach.

Features & Benefits


Evolution of the Face-changing Mannequin

The opening on the rear side of the container-mask provides the access for inserting decorations. The mask presents clearly the decorations’ exquisite quality, thus interacts with its decorator. It reveals the effect of diverse adornment through various ways.

More Flexible Modular

The head of this Showface model has modular structure, so that the same style of heads can be attached to different body shapes to reveal various postures.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Showface container-mask manikins can function in coordination with different exhibitions of fashion seasons.

The same type of manikins can be used simultaneously for a variety of decorations. They not only supply visual merchandisers with the most diverse and convenient experience of displaying, but also show the awareness of environmental sustainability.