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Sharkbanz are a convenient and effective shark deterrent for the beachgoer, swimmer and surfer. Sharks have the strongest electroreception (sensitivity to electrical fields) in the animal kingdom. Using patented magnetic technology researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz overwhelm sharks’ electroreceptors causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns sharks away. Sharkbanz do not harm sharks or other sea creatures. Since our product launch, we have already received over 20 user testimonials of Sharkbanz deterring aggressive sharks in the wild.

Features & Benefits


Evolving Ocean Safety

Sharkbanz are an easy way to add peace of mind to the everyday ocean swim, surf, or snorkel. The science is real and we’ve collaborated with renowned shark experts at Shark Defense Technologies to test and validate. This group of scientists founded the organization 15 years ago, and have created breakthroughs in a variety of shark deterrent technologies through their research and development.
Sharkbanz use special patented magnetic technology developed Shark Defense to deter sharks from attacking people.

Magnetic Shark Repellent

Electromagnetic Induction

The science is based around the sharks electrosensory organs known as the Ampullae of Lorenzin. These gel filled sacks around the shark’s mouth and nose detect voltage drops induced by electrical current allowing navigation information to he processed by the brain as the Sharks head moves back and forth during swimming. The magnetic field emitted from Sharkbanz affects the electroreceptors and sends the Ampullae of Lorenzini into spasm, and whilst unpleasant this reaction doesn’t harm the shark.


The patented Magnetic Technology has been Tested and Validated on:
Atlantic Sharpnose – Rhizopriondon terranovae
Blacknose Shark – Carcharhinus acronotus
Blacktip Reef Shark – Carcharhinus limbatus
Bull Shark – Carcharhinus leucas
Carribean Reef Shark – Carcharhinus perezi
Lemon Shark – Negaprion brevirostris
Nurse Shark – Ginglymostoma cirratum
Southern Stingray – Dasyatis americana
Tiger Sharks – Galeocerdo cuvier

Testing is currently in progress for:
Blue Shark
Cow Nosed Ray
Great Hammerhead
Smooth Dogfish
Spiny Dogfish
Spotted Wobbegong

Sharkbanz were born out of our unifying fear of shark attacks. Whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, Sharkbanz are your solution for greater peace of mind and protection.

EFFECTIVE – Technology based on proven science, published research and testing.
SIMPLE – No batteries nor charging; wear one (or multiple), and get out there!
AFFORDABLE – Safety for everyone.
STYLISH – Sleek design and superior materials for added comfort.
SAFE – Patented magnetic technology does not harm sharks or any other ocean creature.

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Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Sharks are amazing creatures and we fully reject the notion that Sharks need to be culled to prevent attacks on people. Many species of sharks are on the critically endangered list and are protected.

Despite protection Sharks continue to be killed / fished in huge numbers with estimates around 100 million sharks a year. Sharkbanz allow people to take responsibility for their own safety. Our product reduces the risk of an interaction and offers peace of mind without the need for culling.

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