Secret Garden

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The project is a high-end tea house which offers social elites a place of relaxation, gathering, communication and business negotiation.

The tea house adopts a membership system which guarantees the privacy of customers, so it is named the Secret Garden.

Features & Benefits


Cleansing Air and Hearts

Haze is one of the chief environmental problem, the fog haze for our damage is very big, but the normal way to get away from haze was useless.

This project is a tea house, tea is the dietetic invigoration for Chinese people, it can purify the body, so we make the surface of the tea house like a invisible cage , it can make the customer feel purification.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

For Chinese people, drinking tea has a history if more than 4000 years. Even today, many people still regard drinking tea as an essential part of their lives.

Interior design of the tea house applies oriental garden and uses: pavilion, bridge, pools, timber tunnel and trees.

First, the pools scattered in 1st and 2nd floor forms a water system, the bridge passes through pools in different areas and connects them, the trees grows out of the pools. Concept of VIP area is a pavilion floating on the surface of water.

Four different styles of pavilion are designed on the surface of pool water.

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