Polar Wall Light

About the Entry

A circular motif is used throughout Polar defining its minimal operative form. The product utilises a novel hinge joint allowing the disc to pivot up or down, softly directing the light output. Polar’s anodised gold wall canopy provides a beautiful base for the light to mount onto the wall.

Features & Benefits


Direction of Light

The defining feature of Polar is its ability to direct the light output. Mounted on a swivel, the feature disk is able to pivot up and down angling the light that disperses from behind it. This gives Polar the ability to diffuse the light equally in all directions, or direction it up or down, creating beautiful effects with shadow and light on the behind wall.

Sophisticated, Simplistic Design

Featuring minimal parts and an efficient, simplistic design. The Polar Wall Light has a minimalistic aesthetic, but detailed design to ensure it smoothly and easily pivots and diffuses the light. This creates the perfect light output for any interior setting. The option of the gold mirror disk also adds a further functional element to the light, doubling as a wall mirror.

Versatile, Customizable Design

The minimalistic aesthetic of the Polar Wall Light makes it easy to integrate into many different residential and commercial spaces. Available in two sizes (300DIA and 450DIA) and various finishes, including Gold Mirror, Polar has the ability to complement or be the feature piece in any interior setting. Available in both hardwired and corded options the wall light is also prefect for permanent or temporary installations.

Locally Manufactured and Efficient Lighting

The Polar Wall Light features minimal parts and is collectively made by manufacturers located in and around Melbourne, Australia. Featuring a 13W LED 2900k warm white module, the light output is highly efficient and long lasting, with a rating of 25,000 hours.

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