Polar Desk Lamp

About the Entry

A circular motif is used throughout Polar defining its minimal operative form. The product uses a unique magnetically attached arm to allow the disc to rotate around the body directing or shading light. The face of the disk is available in Gold Mirror Acrylic disk and a range of painted options.

Features & Benefits



One of the defining features of Polar is its articulating arm, The pivoting action of the arm gives the user the ability to swivel the disk in a 180 degree angle, allowing the light output to be directed as desired. The arm is magnetically attached to the base and uses a friction disk to hold it in place.

Handcrafted Ceramic Base

Perfectly designed to beautifully house all the required components of the lamp, the ceramic base is not only functional but a work of art. The locally crafted base is made by hand, using traditional slip casting techniques. To create a soft, matt finish, the surface is bisque fired and left unglazed.

Attention to Detail

Small details are what make the Polar Desk Lamp so unique. The gold anodised bolt head that acts as a pivot point for the rotating arm is a beautiful example of precision engineering. The same bolt can be found again on the underside of the lamp and acts as an anchor to the internal components.

Locally Manufactured and Efficient Lighting

The Polar Desk Lamp is collectively made by manufacturers located in and around Melbourne, Australia. Featuring a 6W LED 3000k warm white globes, the light output is highly efficient and long lasting, with a rating of 20,000 hours.

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