About the Entry

Invuity PhotonBlade combines three surgical needs into one instrument: illumination, cutting, and coagulation. The proprietary instrument delivers precise illumination at the point of treatment, low thermal spread, and universal RF generator compatibility.

Features & Benefits


Precise Illumination at the Point of Treatment

PhotonBlade illuminates critical structures and anatomy during bleeding control. Quickly locate and control bleeding to achieve rapid hemostasis. Unlike existing surgical lighting, PhotonBlade uses thermally cool technology. Uniform illumination is achieved without glare or shadow.

Energy Efficiency

PhotonBlade has a low thermal spread for controlled, precise energy delivery. Compared to traditional BovieTM, it has a surgeon-controllable edge temperature, enabling precise tissue dissection. Additionally, PhotonBlade works for “wet field use” in blood and fluids.

Universal Compatibility & Design

For ease of adoption among surgeons with existing generators, PhotonBlade plugs into any 510(k) cleared electrosurgical unit.

Additionally, PhotonBlade is designed as a universally ergonomic device. The design is based on a wide range of surgeon hand sizes, as well as the various ways that surgeons hold electrosurgical probes. The soft, ovoid cross-section and long taper fits comfortably in the hand and allows precise control and easy manipulation. The buttons are spaced for use with surgical gloves, and allow a positive tactile response during engagement.

Illumination and Enhanced Energy

Invuity PhotonBlade combines illumination and electrosurgery management. The telescoping shaft, rotatable tip, and lockable shaft eliminate the need to exchange electrode tips.

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