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At Papertrophy,® customers assemble their trophies themselves: True to our motto “Do not shoot them – glue them”, they are delivered pre-cut into individual pieces, pre-creased and assembled by hand using nothing but glue. With an extensive range,dinosaurs and unicorns beckon alongside classics such as deer, rhinos and elephants.

Features & Benefits



The Papertrophy animals feature a minimalistic cubic design. It reflects simplicity while offering an astonishing look through shadows and light on the trophies. Their bright and vibrant colours create depth and radiate an extravagant elegance.


Building Papertrophies is easy. It just takes some time and regular paper glue.
The final product arrives not only pre-cut but with pre-creased folding patterns at your doorstep. That makes folding super easy.

You don‘t even need complicated and long instructions: Simply glue the numbered pieces together and the final product will magically appear piece by piece in your hand.


All products are handmade in Papertrophys own workshop, based in Berlin.
Precisely cut and prefolded, we ensure that every product is easy to assemble.


Papertrophy® represents a new and original approach to display animals without hunting them.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

All products are made out of FSC certified eco-friendly paper. We strongly believe that killing animals just for fun or just to put them on display is simply wrong.

Don’t Shoot Them – Glue Them.

Hundreds of polygons fit perfectly inside each other and build a sturdy construction using nothing more then paper and glue and well calculated folds. It’s astonishing how solid the final product is if you see the single paper elements used to build it.

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