Origami Space Definition

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It is a real estate sale center.The appearance is a six-sided HD transperent glass box,and transparent inside, without any pattern or partition wall, except a few column bracing.

Features & Benefits


Pick up the Chinese traditional culture

The internet is an extremely important thing for all of us, whether using a computer or using a phone to surf the internet. However, we lack face to face communication; we think combining both is a nice idea. Then the theme ‘origami’ came out.

Origami originated in China, and slowly developed into children’s toys, as well as teaching aids in the School of Architecture used in some of the architectural design. (Origami’s meaning: although it is a thin piece of paper, but it’s capable of changing many different graphics and then forming three-dimensional modeling.)

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

We hope the Chinese traditional culture can be reserved, increasing the face-to-face communication, that’s so nice if the building itself can be such a warning to the people.

Use less network communication.
network brings us convenience, but can also cause a lot of negative social consequences in China; a growing number of Internet addiction among teenagers, becoming afraid of socialising, so if you can get everyone to put down the phone, go out of their homes, we can increase positive and healthy communication.

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