About the Entry

Opulay is a refreshingly simple alternative to traditional mattress shopping, offering a premium quality, 100% Australian-made mattress which comes in a compact box that lets you control the firmness on individual sides of your mattress by just a simple flip. Online ordering means no traipsing from shop to shop.

Features & Benefits


Reversible Topper

We discovered perfect meant different things to different sleepers. The problem came in the form of firmness, everyone prefers different firmness feel including the person sleeping next to you. We wondered, should sleepers be forced to choose between a soft or firm mattress? And what if their preference changed over time?

Instead of taking a middle way out and developing “One size fits all” we have developed an innovatively designed mattress which features a reversible topper that lets you adjust the firmness – on one or both sides of the mattress – to suit yourself and your sleeping partner by just a simple flip.

Wavy Pattern Cover

Wavy pattern on mattress cover makes it hard to feel the separate gap between the two sides of a mattress. Cover is easy to remove and it is also washable.

100 Night Trial

We believe you should actually sleep on a product to decide if you like it. So we give you 100 nights to test out our mattress in your own home instead of the awkwardness of lying fully-clothed in a crowded store, being pushed to make a 5-second decision on a 10-year investment.

Free Shipping & Return

Because we’ve eliminated the costly inefficiencies of showrooms and salespeople, we’re able to offer free and speedy shipping and returns. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you a full refund.

Instant response foam (Soft feel)

A layer of instant response foam mimics the feeling of latex for a delightfully soft and bouncy feel. Open cell structure promotes airflow to keep you nice and cool at night.

Responsive Memory Foam (Firm Feel)

Gel-infused memory foam does a stellar job of regulating temperature and gently moulds to your body’s contours, providing pressure relief and promoting restful sleep.

Planet Earth Friendly

From cover to foam, it’s all made locally with environmental certification. We also use eco-friendly water-based adhesives, rather than the solvent-based adhesives used in traditional mattresses.