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Packaging has an assortment of characteristics that can help people to enjoy their experience. The shape has been designed to be practical, easy to carry, comfortable to grab and stable. The look&feel has focused on making a product to enjoy everyday, simple, elegant to be exposed and reusable.

Features & Benefits


Nutratify capsules container

Nutratify capsules container is ergonomically designed, providing ease, style and a premium in use experience. User tested at every stage, its superior quality is clearly visible.

The container is comfortable to use with one hand, it is easy to carry and doesn’t roll in the bag or in the car. Apart from its functional benefits, the packaging communicates its five products through a simple, clear and colourful visual design.

It shows its intuitive use and achieves a ‘stand out effect’ on the shelf. Its natural colours tell a whole new story compared to competitors’ product.

It was inspired by the Aristotle’s conception of the five elements, which was proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Alongside with the physical package, there is a app which connects the product to a device and allows customers to keep track of their taking, refills and more. Every bottle has an ID number, which identify the product as unique. The app has features such as, customer informations (age, gender, weight, taking plan…) but also, it alerts to buy new rations and sends notifications about new products. Connecting an elegant container to a digital experience, will help Nutratify to reduce the impact of plastic products on the market and create a stronger relationship with its customers. In fact, after the first purchase, customers will need to buy simply the refilling package for their empty container.

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