Noras Performance U-Safe Motorised Life Buoy

About the Entry

The U-Safe motorized life buoy is a revolutionary new lifesaver.

This product has been developed with the legal requirements and in collaboration with the Portugese Lifesaving Institute – ‘Instituto de Socorros a Naufragos” I.S.N.

Features & Benefits


Use via Remote Control

The U- Safe motorized life buoy can be operated via remote control to ensure that other individuals can not be harmed in the retrieval of a potential drowning victim

Navigation in any Sea Condition

Due to the unique design of the product, the unit is operational right way up and upside down, always guaranteeing rapid response and limited chance of failure


The U-Safe Motorised life buoy is capable of speeds up to 15 knots with a battery life of 30 minutes, giving the product potential to travel 7 nautical miles


Due to the unique design, the U-safe life buoy is capable of being retro fitted to almost any form of marine craft, including aircraft.

Solar Charging

As part of our commitment to the environment, it is important for NORAS Performance and the U-Safe Life Buoy to have minimum impact toward the universe in the case of needing to recharge the unit.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

As per key design feature #5 – NORAS Performance are commited to the ensuring the U-Safe motorized life buoy has a solid sustainability factor.

This has been part fo the design from day one and will continue to be for the future. Along with the ability to use solar power for charging, there are also plans to use recycled plastics as part of the rotor moulding process to manufacture the body of the unit.

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