Nepal Innovation Program

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The Nepal Innovation Program is higher education re-designed.

This engaging global program is a multi-week educational initiative for university students from around Australia to learn from local innovators while working on real-world issues in rural Nepal. Participants learn about community development, post-earthquake reconstruction and humanitarian design while collaboratively solving local challenges.

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Nepal Innovation Program

The Nepal Innovation Program is a higher education initiative aimed at educating globally-ready professionals with the skills to tackle social impact issues, and work on challenging topics around the world.

Conducted in Kathmandu and rural Nepal, the program is a multi-week educational program that educates through practical, real-world projects, and provides transformational learning.

The program is delivered in partnership with local social impact design firm, Abari, and over the course of the program the students created a range of solutions – from improved clay brick making techniques, to bamboo water filtration; from solar lighting solutions to economic empowerment through sustainable tourism.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

This program is designed for environmental sustainability and social impact.

Nepal is recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2015, and is rebuilding a physical, cultural and social sense. The Nepal Innovation Program has been designed to support this effort, and bringing greater collaboration and support to the country.

The initiative is delivered in partnership with Abari, an exceptional design and construction firm using bamboo and rammed earth construction, and is deeply committed to environmentally responsible material use throughout the design.

The outcomes of the program is improved local capacity, use of bamboo and other environmentally responsible choices and project designed for impact.

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