Mylos Etik

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Bioplastic cover frames for ABB Mylos electrical switch range.

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Mylos Etik

ABB renews its commitment to sustainable design and technology introducing a new cutting edge material in the Italian switch assortment Mylos: bioplastic.

Natural are the material, the manufacturing process and the colors that also allow a full recyclability.

Clean lines, simplification of details and two new matt colors that provides two matt total look, black and white, thanks to the perfect aesthetic and functional integration with the current Mylos switch assortment.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The sustainability of the entire product lifecycle guided us in the choice of material and production process. The one-piece design reduces the number of the components of the product, made with a single molding operation, using a bacterial bioplastic material: compostable, recyclable and that allows to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the material production. Also the staining method preserves the eco-sustainability of the product: the dyes are added in very low percentages during the molding process, avoiding any surface coating.

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