Multi-Dose Intramammary Applicator and Magazine System

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The world-first Multi-Dose Intramammary Applicator and Magazine system introduces a superior delivery of intramammary medication in cows. It consists of two parts: the Applicator to deliver the treatment, and the Multi-Dose Magazine which combines four single intramammary syringes into one convenient magazine. This system is designed to reduce hand force, handling and plastic packaging, while improving ergonomics for the operator when delivering the treatment. It was carefully developed to reduce treatment time and stress for both the animal and the operator.

Features & Benefits


Operator efficiency and comfort, eliminating repetitive strain injury (RSI) by improved ergonomic hand position compared with the uncomfortable position of conventional single syringe treatments

Conventional individual intramammary syringes require a thumb and forefinger squeeze in an awkward upright position, an action that is repeated four times to treat one animal. Formulations are often thick, and the operator may treat hundreds of animals in a single session. This makes the process very tiring, stressful and sometimes painful. The Multi-Dose Intramammary System changes the expulsion to a more natural squeeze of the handle, allowing the whole hand to be employed in the operation. The design allows for a comfortable working height, improved visibility, and the ability to move freely while administering the dose.

Reduced treatment time, resulting in reduced animal stress, improved treatment efficacy and increased animal comfort

The application of intramammary medication is typically a slow, methodical process which can be very distressing for the animal, as each teat needs to be treated individually. Using conventional syringes can make it difficult for the operator to maintain sterile treatments, as they produce a challenging environment that can easily become contaminated. The Multi-Dose Intramammary System dramatically reduces treatment time through using the four-dose magazine treatment. This efficiency allows for a less stressed animal, resulting in a calmer and more sterile environment, with significantly improved treatment efficacy.

Functionality of the system Ð farmer feedback led to many improvements from the conventional single syringe treatment

Considerable time was spent developing, testing, critically analyzing and refining the design of this system to ensure that it would operate more efficiently to safely deliver a dose with ease and accuracy. Feedback from farmers indicated that cap removal without the cap firing off was optimum. Meticulous tool tuning has allowed the cap to disengage from the syringe when the magazine is advanced. This disengagement allows the cap to be simply tipped off, without firing off with the need to collect it later. Farmer feedback demanded that four syringes be combined into one magazine, creating a much simpler operation.

Sustainability through reduced consumable plastic parts and manufacturing with recyclable plastics

The excellent design of this system initiates significant saving in plastics through elimination of the plunger, a component that features in single syringes. Having just a four-dose magazine, rather than four individual syringes, allows for a tidier work environment for the operator, where they can have better control of all plastic parts. The durable materials of this system result in a reusable and robust system. All consumable components are manufactured with recyclable plastics, resulting in very minimal wastage.

Project brief - new delivery platform with a marketable point of difference

The Multi-Dose Intramammary System is a revolutionary platform for change. The design brief for this project was to develop a better, faster, more comfortable system for farmers to treat their cows. This will be the backbone of an entire new suite of products that will be launched worldwide, promoting the benefits of operator comfort, improved medication efficacy and improved animal welfare. All of these benefits are at the forefront of sustainable protein production and perfectly align with the values of our Animal Health customersÕ values.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Applying intramammary treatment to cows results in a large amount of consumable parts. Reducing the number of plastic components was therefore of high consideration when designing the Multi-Dose System. In the conventional single syringe method, each syringe requires a plunger. This system allows for elimination of the plunger by making it part of the applicator, a part that is reused. This effectively saves one complete plunger component for every intramammary single cow dose. The consumable magazines were manufactured from recyclable plastics, resulting in less wastage and environmental impact.

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