Motorola IT.6

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Driven by our desire to design the ultimate home phone, we focused our efforts on pushing boundaries, both inside and out. Creative engineering inspired the precision crafting and use of innovative materials that are applied on the Motorola IT.6 – the impossibly thin phone!
Measuring less than 6mm at its narrowest point, the handset is made using a real metal frame, ensuring its robustness and a seamless striking form. The crystal base adds to its uniqueness and elegance, from every angle.
The Motorola IT.6 also boasts a 2.2” TFT colour display, with mobile connectivity using Bluetooth Wireless Technology, meaning your mobile calls and contacts are in sync.

Features & Benefits


Motorola IT.6 by Telstra

A digital cordless telephone with answering machine, the Motorola IT.6 goes one step further and also incorporates mobile connectivity with Bluetooth wireless technology. Not only can you make and receive mobile calls from the Motorola IT.6 handset, you can sync your mobile contacts and charge your mobile from the USB in the base.

The Motorola IT.6 is an eye-catcher, due to its use of unusual materials. With its trend conscious design, it draws the attention to itself wherever it is.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Motorola IT.6 is launched under the ECOMOTO initiative which is a convergence of efforts by marketing, design, research, engineering, and supply chain management that lead to better products for everyone. It is a holistic view that focuses on both social and environmental responsibility. It is both a passion and a shared point of view.
– 10% minimum recycled content plastic.
– Energy efficient performance (meet or exceed EU code of conduct performance requirements).
– Eco friendly packaging. Gift box with documented 20% post consumer recycled content.

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