Cult Molloy Chair

About the Entry

Molloy is a highly functional, finely crafted solid timber chair composed of 8 organic elements that seamlessly jigsaw together. Priority was given to the ergonomics and comfort. It is a stacking chair that does not compromise aesthetics. Designed to enhance any residential or commercial environment with matching dining table.

Features & Benefits



– Priority on ergonomics for comfortable seating
– Seamless surfacing with single defining edge line
– Celebrating solid timber, its idiosyncrasies and unique charm
– Accentuating timber grain and topography by 3d machining through different grain typology
– Signature corner element plays on contrast between timber surface and end-grain
– Designed to stack for efficient and compact delivery and storage
– One of few nesting solid timber chairs on market


– Proven successful in exclusive fitout of Automata restaurant in Sydney with 52 chairs
– Darling Park café/meeting spaces – Molloy Tables and Chairs
– UTS Library – Limited edition colour stained chairs

Market Advantage

– Local production enables agile adaptability to client needs (custom heights)
– Part of a bigger family of Molloy timber products with common design detail
– Kitchen Stool in development as an extension of the Molloy Chair design language
– Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Timbers integrate compliment chair in interiors
– Molloy Modular – is a range of metal frame low tables and shelving – an extension of the range for contract environments that retains key aesthetic elements of Molloy Chair whilst being considerably more economical.


– Developed and manufactured with local businesses
– Alternative manufacturing partner in Europe for overseas markets
– Designed to exploit the latest in 5-axis CNC manufacturing capabilities
– Fine craftsmanship and custom tailored finishing
– Complexity of original limits scope for undesired copies or replicas

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

– 100% timber construction – no fasteners
– 100% natural – biodegradable
– All Timber is FSC Certified

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