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The MioPlay Interactive Mobile is a beautiful product designed to enhance the physical and cognitive development of infants through sensory stimulation and dynamic cause and effect learning, essential for all newborns. Mioplay utilises shapes, textures and colours to encourage developmental learning of infants in a calming and interactive approach, using natural and non-toxic materials.

Features & Benefits


Visual Stimulation for Developmental Learning

Between 0-3 months, newborns display involuntary arm movement. These reflexes lead to the newborn interacting with the mobile causing the toys to swing, creating calming visual stimulation. The soft pastel colours of the toys have been carefully selected to not over stimulate newborns, further enhancing the calming nature of product.

Motor Skill Development

Between 2-4 months, newborns begin to develop eye & hand coordination. The MioPlay mobile facilitates the development of fine motor skills, which supports the advancement of finger dexterity. This is achieved through the carefully designed sensory toys, which have large cut out shapes to further encourage ease of grasping of toys for infants.

Cognitive Development

The integration of free moving toy straps enables a dynamic interaction with the product. This action-reaction relationship further supports cognitive function in infants throughout their sensorimotor development stage. In addition, the use or varying textures and materials such as timber, soft textiles and silicone toys further enhances the cognitive development of infants as they begin to identify new textures.

Teething Sensory Toys

Between 4-6 months, infants begin to explore their would through newly developed nerve endings in their mouth. The different textures on the silicone toys have been specifically designed to provide new sensory stimulation. In addition, the soft feel of the toys makes them ideal for soothing infant’s sore gums during teething.


Wooden toys are a much safer all-natural alternative to plastic toys as they do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. The Mioplay Interactive Mobile is made from 100% non-toxic and certified materials, ensuring optimal safety for infants. The MioPlay Interactive Mobile complies with AS/NZS ISO 8124 Safety Toy Standard and is intended for children aged 0-12 months.

Timber stand:
100% solid Birch wood. No glues or adhesives.
Natural BIOHOUSE wax oil finish.

Sensory toys:
100% Food Grade Silicone Toys
100% Non-Toxic & FDA approved
BPA, PVC & Phthalates Free

Toy straps:
Soft cotton textile

Portable – Easy Storage & Assembly

The Mioplay Interactive Mobile is specifically designed to flat pack for ease or storage and transportation. The timber fame features four components which are easily assembled in minuets for parents on the go. In addition, the textile hanging straps feature a snap fit feature for easy toy attachment and removal. Total product weight is 2 kg, making it lightweight and ideal for new mums to lift.

Easy Clean

Sometimes things get messy with the tiny people in our lives. For cleaning, all sensory toys are dishwasher safe for parent’s convenience.
Sensory toy straps are machine washable and timber can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Wood is a naturally made material, which can be subjected to recycling as opposed to plastic, which inevitably contributes to landfill. In addition, wooden toys are more durable than their plastic comparators, making it possible for these toys to last a child’s entire childhood and even hand them down to their children.

The Mioplay stand is made from 100% solid Birch wood, which has a low embodied energy, low carbon footprint and grows reasonably fast (three times faster than oak trees), reducing the environmental recourses required for it production.

The timber stand is finished using a natural bio wax oil further reducing the environmental impact of the product. Mechanical fasteners are used to assemble the product as opposed to glues and adhesives.

The Mioplay has been designed for ease of manufacturing with minimal components to further reduce the amount of material used, this can been seen through the triangular geometry which eliminates the need for a commonly seen four leg configuration. Common, modular components such as the legs of the stand are designed to nest within themselves during the machining process to reduce material wastage and increase speed of manufacturing-which ultimately reduces energy consumption during manufacturing process.

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