Miele TMV 840 WP heat-pump dryer

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Miele TMV 840 WP heat-pump dryer

9 kg capacity

6 star energy efficiency rating

SteamSmoothing programme

Integrated fragrance dosage

PerfectDry thanks to advanced sensor technology

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Miele TMV 840 WP heat-pump dryer

Miele’s latest TMV 840 WP heat-pump dryer is the perfect match for their new WMV 960 WPS washing machine. It offers an unprecedented combination of energy efficiency, drying performance and user convenience.

This latest model, referred to internally as the “T 1 Prestige”, represents the pinnacle of more than 115 years Miele engineering experience in laundry appliances. Its advanced technology has successfully been integrated in a timeless, streamlined design.


This latest Miele model is the modern interpretation of the quintessential Miele tumble dryer. The machine is simpler than ever before to operate thanks to a new user interface concept. Thanks to its Touchtronic display, it has no conventional buttons or dials. The slightly slanted fascia panel allows for a ergonomic operation.

A high level of advanced innovation and intelligent technology has been employed inside.
Particular attention was paid to the use of high-quality materials and the detail and workmanship of all visible elements .


The dryer features a wide range of programmes, including Silks and Woollens hand care, Smoothing, Pillows and Express.

The Steam smoothing programme will spray water into the honeycomb drum creating a fine mist which is heated by the drying air. The developing steam penetrates the laundry and smoothes the laundry, ensuring that ironing will be much easier or completely unnecessary.

The Miele “Drying Assistant” function is ideal when being in doubt about which programme to use: by simply entering the type of textile and the desired drying stage, together with a preference for particularly quick, gentle or energy-efficient drying, the electronic will automatically establish the most suitable programme.


The TMV 840 WP dryer features a programmable PIN code, which will prevent unauthorized use.

Special warning lights will alert the user when it is time to empty the condensate container, or to clean the filters of the machine.

For those homes which may not require use of the condensed water, the dryer also features an integrated condensate drainage facility, enabling automatic drainage of the condensed water.


Engineered by Miele in Germany, the machine is designed and tested for a useful product life of 20 years under normal household use.

Examples for the high-quality and durable components used by Miele include the stainless steel Honeycomb drum and the fully enameled front of the machine.

The fact that Miele products are used longer in the home than other brands before being resold or disposed of due to a defect was validated in a 2006 study performed by the German consumer research organization GfK: according to this study, new Miele appliances remained in use after their initial purchase for an average of 17.0 years, whilst the average useful life of other brands was only 13.7 years.


Given its superior technology, long life expectancy and diverse range of applications, the initial investment in a Miele TMV 840 WP tumble dryer does represent outstanding value for money in the long term.

Its unique range of features ideally complements the matching washing machine and puts the spotlight on Miele’s expertise in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced laundry systems and is poised to contribute to the continued, sustainable growth of the category.

Given that the TMV 840 WP shares many of its basic mechanical components with the entire latest ‘T 1’ series of Miele tumble dryers sold globally, the company is very confident of achieving a positive return on the investment.


With Miele fragrance flacons, users can enjoy the superb convenience of a long-lasting and well-balanced fragrance. With a choice of three fragrances, which are being produced for Miele by a family-run company in the south of France which has been creating perfumes since 1871, this feature is a world premiere which is only available from Miele.

Thanks to the patented drying system, laundry dries perfectly even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. This is achieved with integrated mineral sensors, which are by no means the norm on domestic tumble dryers, and which will precisely adjust the drying process according to the calcium content of the water.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Thanks to its advanced heat-pump technology, the TMV 840 WP has achieved a six-star energy rating when tested to Australian Standards.

The EcoFeedback function will assist users to save on valuable energy and further reduce the running costs of the dryer. Before starting a programme, users can request a specific energy consumption forecast for the selected programme. After the cycle has finished, the dryer will also indicate the final energy consumption.

With the special Eco option, the user can chose a particularly energy-efficient operation with a slightly prolongued programme duration time.

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