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Menghai county is a region contains beautiful natural scenary and diverse ethnic cultures. It is located in Yunnan province in South West China. In 2016, Dongdao Creative Branding Group was commissioned by the Menghai municipal government to design the image of the county.

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Considering the regional customs and distinct culture background of Menghai, and based on ‘menghai’, we combined such elements as Dai writing (the traditional character of Dai nationality), elephant (the common creature in Menghai) and Circular-sheet tea (called ‘qī zǐ bǐng chá’ in pinyin, a famous traditional tea in China and the unique one, of which the shape, weight and packing specification are regulated under national laws) in the logo design.

Design Details Two

By incorporating the unique font form of Dai writing, the logo we designed well reflects the peculiar life, institutions and customs, as well as the philosophical thought of Menghai.

The well-arranged, -proportioned and –spaced font style appears like such regional features as high mountains and cloudy fog.

The overall appearance of the logo coincides with the shape of elephant. Since in traditional Chinese culture, elephant sounds similar to ‘祥’ (xiáng in pinyin) which implies luck and prosperity.

Design Details Three

The character traits of elephant (good-natured, gentle, kind) accords with the spiritual connotation of Menghai. And, elephant is the symbol of wisdom in Buddism, thus the application of elephant element also manifests the culture of buddism in Menghai.

The combination of dynamic and stillness endows the logo with long historic culture and a sense of fashion, which tallies with the distinct features of Menghai.

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