About the Entry

EMBROIDERED – is a pilot version of a much bigger jewellery collection created via 3D printing in metal.

It includes a necklace, a few pendants and earrings. It combines traditions and new technologies proving once again that 3D printing is no longer just a prototyping tool but a quality manufacturing technique.

Features & Benefits



The pieces are 3D modelled on computer using Solidworks, then 3D printed in brass, polished and finally gold plated. Printing is made by the leading 3D printing service provider – Shapeways.

3D printing was the only way to achieve the structure I had in mind. Thanks to this structure all the pieces are double-sided and little squares create a ‘floating effect’, as if they are not attached to anything.

Each piece could be worn in two different ways.


I got the idea of this collection almost a year ago while looking through the reports on Milan fashion week.

A lot of outfits featured absolutely stunning embroidery which became my inspiration for this project. I’ve used Russian traditional cross embroidery as the main theme for all the pieces.

Extra Materials

Swarovski crystals were also used for this collection.

Extra attention was payed to the stone fixings which repeat the shape of the crystals.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The whole concept of MALINKO Design is to make products on order.

There is no stock that is not used and 3D printing is using the exact amount of

material that is needed for the item. Any leftovers are re-used

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