LEX M20 Military Communicator

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The LEX M20 enables secure 4G and network communications for military field units. It employs the Android operating system and features a touch screen and operational applications.

The ruggedized form factor is designed for use in extreme environments and incorporates water / dust sealing and enhanced drop resistance.

Features & Benefits


Secure Mission Critical Communication

Modern military communication demands secure, encrypted protocols to prevent compromised intelligence. Two way radio has traditionally been used by military units to communicate sensitive information via spoken voice codes or other verbal commands.

The use of digital encryption in the LEX M20 now enables users to send sensitive images as well as spoken voice information in a safe, secure, yet familiar manner.

The device improves workflow and enhances communication by providing a range of secure formats (image, video, text) beyond just voice. The device also functions as a secure network hub.

Intuitive Usability

LEX M20 addresses a workforce now accustomed to the intuitive use of smartphones and who demand a more modern, secure way to communicate.

The LEX M20 improves workflow and enhances communication by making the process familiar and more intuitive like a personal smartphone.

A growing variety of applications also serve to improve productivity and safety. This device allows soldiers in the field to reorder ammunition, food and other logistical equipment.

Field medics are able to share images of patients with remote experts who can consult on medical procedures. The LEX M20 brings smart device capabilities to harsh battlefield environments for increased awareness and safety.

Two Way Radio Functionality

In addition to functioning as a 4G device the LEX M20 incorporates a two-way radio to provide instant voice communication over existing Land Mobile Radio Networks.

This is augmented with high audio and noise cancelling microphone capability to assure clarity in high noise situations. A large, glove-able, push-to-talk button gives users a secure and tactile way to instantly communicate in mission critical situations.

Rugged Purpose Built Construction

The LEX M20 was designed from the outset to meet stringent IP67 and mil spec drop and environmental standards. Sealed connectors, impact resistant housing, and dust proof construction were all mandatory features incorporated into the design from the beginning.

The form is designed to conform to the hand and provide a more secure grip in wet and high movement environments than allowed by a typical consumer grade smart phone.

Extended use

The LEX M20 energy system is designed to provide 400 minutes of talk time/500 minutes standby in extreme temperature conditions.

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