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Wound visibility is important for the early identification of Surgical Site Infections. Leukomed® Control brings the sterility of the Operating Theatre to the Ward without the need for dressing changes. The wound site remains protected for the benefit of the patient and healthcare professional.

Features & Benefits


Leukomed® Control – The Benefits are Clear to See

Leukomed® Control is an advanced Post-Op dressing that combines a highly innovative hydropolymer technology with the protective and fully transparent film making early detection of wound infection possible. Leukomed® Control provides ideal healing conditions by creating an optimal moisture level and adapting to the skin’s flexion. The dressing puts medical caregivers in control of the healing progress and allows for quick mobilisation of the patient.

Leukomed® Control comes with:
1. Transparent, visual control to assess therapeutic wound progress
2. Unique application technique for precise placement and quick wound protection
3. Ultra-thin, highly breathable and conformable film for a second skin feeling

Completely Transparent Enabling Visualisation of the Wound

Leukomed® Control is designed to assist healthcare professionals identify first signs of Surgical Site Infections. With it’s unique design of complete transparency, Leukomed® Control enables full visualisation of the wound bed.

The special design of the hydropolymer wound pad enables the patient to resume full mobility thanks to the pace in between the wound pad. The design also makes the dressing highly flexible enabling it to adapt to the skins flexion and oedema which ensures high wearing comfort to the patient, even on contoured body parts.

Leukomed Control is easy to apply with a simple step-by-step application and unique red tab technology, allowing for precise placement and rapid wound protection.

Safe, Comfortable and Conformable

A declared aim of many caregivers is the rapid discharge of patients to their home or to rehab after surgery. Leukomed® Control supports these efforts:
• Transparency offers patients the possibility to observe their wound on their own
• Flexibility and elasticity promotes everyday coping and high patient compliance
• High quality film allows showering and washing
•The low profile film is hardly noticeable on the skin, neither visibly nor by touch allowing for a highly conformable dressing with high therapeutic safety and high wearing comfort.

Leukomed® Control complies with all applicable Australian and New Zealand standards and regulations and is registered with the TGA.

Leukomed® Control - Sustainability

BSN medical strives to operate a clean business in which resources are used efficiently, waste is minimised, and we actively work to prevent pollution. Furthermore, BSN medical targets and monitors material environmental issues such as global warming and energy conservation.

Leukomed® Control is a product that requires fewer dressing changes and in turn lower consumption costs. Leukomed® Control scores highly on handling, efficiency and comfort.

Enabling Early Patient Discharge

The various components of Leukomed® Control make it the perfect choice for post-operative wound care. Apart from the transparency of all the components, the hydropolymer gel pad and the multifunctional film offer particularly versatile benefits.

The innovative level of Leukomed® Control reflects the philosophy and working practices of the Leukomed® product range. Products should not just do their job, they should create optimal conditions for users and patients. Leukomed® Control scores highly on handling, efficiency and comfort. Leukomed® Control represents the latest generation of post-operative dressings.

Leukomed® Control – Helping to Prevent Surgical Site Infections

Surgical Site Infections (SSI’s) are associated with substantial economic costs, mainly attributed to the extended length of stay in hospital. Over 21,000 cases of SSI’s occur annually in Australia, resulting in the loss of 53,536 hospital bed days and representing an economic burden of over AU$53 million.

One of the most important requirements when managing a surgical wound is wound visibility. Leukomed® Control has outstanding transparency of both film and hydropolymer pad making wound inspection and early detection of infection possible at any time – without the need for dressing change. Leukomed® Control represents good value for money with the intended use of helping to manage and prevent SSI’s

Superior Innovation and Design

Leukomed® Control innovative design offers:
– Highly breathable material
– Prevents skin maceration
– Provides ideal wound healing conditions

Absorbent and transparent film and hydropolymer pad:
– Locks away exudate and keeps the wound clean
– Does not stick to the wound or sutures
– Atraumatic removal

Reliable adhesive and conforming material:
– Provides gentle yet strong hold, protecting the wound and ensuring high wearing comfort
– Minimises the risk of tension blisters

Sterile Barrier:
– Protects effectively against external contaminants and helps manage the risk of Surgical Site Infections

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Patients and medical facilities both share a common interest – fast mobilisation following surgical procedures. Leukomed® Control enables patients and caregivers to control the undisturbed healing process and allows visual wound inspection of the patient between ward rounds and after discharge.
· Full transparency allows for continuous visual control of wound and skin – giving peace of mind of the therapeutic progress
· No dressing change needed for wound inspection – saving in staff time, additional product costs and increases patient and clinician satisfaction
· Water, bacteria and virus proof – helps prevent infection and additional therapeutic costs associated with treating a Surgical Site Infection

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