Legrand Super LED Satellite Emergency Light

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A robust LED emergency light designed for areas with high ceilings such as; warehouses and exhibition centres. Emergency lights are mandatory in all commercial buildings however, today multiple emergency lights are installed to cover a large area. The Legrand Super LED Satellite can now do this with one installed product.

Features & Benefits


The Optical Lens

Designed and manufactured from polycarbonate material. The optical lens has been engineered in a parabolic shape with thick ends that taper and meet in the centre. This is to control, spread and refract the beams of light at calculated angles to achieve the coverage required to illuminate a large area when installed at high levels.

The positioning of the LED chip is also crucial to the optical lens design as it is positioned at the focal point of the lens for maximum light distribution.

The result is that one 3 watt LED chip is able to cover a 36m2 area when installed at 12 metres high.


A robust construction manufactured from halogen free polycarbonate, ideal for industrial applications. With a high impact rating of IK08 and ingress protection of IP65, the Super LED Satellite is suitable for a wide range of arduous applications.

The housing has been designed with smooth edges and tapered edges where the cover meets the body to minimise dust accumulating on the unit.

The Super LED Satellite’s housing has been designed to simplify installation and maintenance with the easy to install external fixing legs and hingeable cover.

For ease of access, the cover is held in place with ¼ turn fixing screws.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

The electronics offer a dual rate charging system that ensures that the integrated back-up battery remains fully charged throughout operation.

The Super LED Satellite is not only offered as a standalone product, it is also available in Axiom (Legrand’s innovative wireless emergency monitoring system for reduced installation and maintenance costs).

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The LED light source and highly efficient dual rate charging technology, brings the power consumption of the Legrand Securit exit sign to only 3W, resulting in an active contribution to energy savings and CO2 reductions in green buildings.

The enclosure of the Super LED Satellite is made of fully recyclable polycarbonate.

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