Legrand Plexo3 Weatherproof Electrical Enclosures

About the Entry

Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, as well as public and high-rise buildings, Plexo┬│ enclosures feature a cleverly designed interior space to make fit-offs faster and easier. With an IP65 protection rating, they are an excellent choice for damp locations.

Features & Benefits


Strong Construction

IP65: High IP rating guaranteed for applications in damp places.

IK09: Enhanced impact resistance (shock resistant polystyrene).

Flush mounted handle for better shock protection.

Double closing point to ensure a good seal.

Speed and Ease of Installation

Clever innovations to make installation and wiring both fast and safe.

Quick front faceplate removable for easier maintenance and wiring.

Removable chassis for wiring at workshop and quick fit-off on site.

Enclosures fitted with terminal blocks, which can easily be repositioned, at the top and bottom of the box

Fully reversible doors and modular construction for great installation flexibility.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Manufacturing: Plexo3 enclosures are manufactured in ISO14001 sites.

Transportation: Plexo3 packaging is 100% recyclable.

Usage: Plexo3 does not have any environmental impact during its normal usage.
End-of life: Plexo3 does not contain any hazardous product. The recycling potential is 89% for the plastic materials and 6% for the metallic materials.

(Evaluation done following the PEP eco passport methodology)

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