Kenwood Persona Glass Kettle ZJG801CL

About the Entry

The Persona Glass Kettle lets you see it all happening before your eyes, with a unique square design and superior Schott Duran Glass.

Features & Benefits


Functional Design

The glass design ensures that the water is filled to your desired level, and you can view the entire boiling entire process. The sure grip touch points improve comfort and grip whilst the flip lid allows easy single-handed operation.

Thermal Shock Resistance

The Persona kettle is crafted with Premium Schott Duran Glass, with outstanding thermal shock resistance properties.

Large Capacity

The 1.7 litre water capacity is ideal for families or multiple users.

1 Cup Saver

The 1 cup graduation saves time, energy and water. It ensures you only boil what you need.

Easy Cleaning

Mesh filter traps limescale and is removable for easy cleaning.

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Kenwood Persona Glass Kettle ZJG801CL