Kenwood K-Sense Kettle ZJM401TT

About the Entry

The new Ksense kettle’s unique white and silver finish, quiet boil double wall construction, generous 1.6 litre capacity and 1 cup saver makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Features & Benefits


Functional Design

A double wall construction of the kettle’s body keeps the noise inside, and the flip lid makes it easy to use the kettle single-handedly. What’s more, you can easily fill it through the spout which is designed for perfect pouring. The spout design means that it pours without those annoying drips.

Large Capacity

Brew up for the whole family or friends with a generous 1.6 litre capacity, with 1 cup saver so you can clearly measure how much water you need – less energy, less waste.

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Kenwood K-Sense Kettle ZJM401TT