JURA E6 Automatic Coffee Machine

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JURA’s E6 is revolutionising the enjoyment of coffee. Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) optimises extraction time, guaranteeing maximum aroma for short coffees. Filter usage is easy with Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detecting filter presence. Frontal buttons and TFT display make operation simple. Integrated maintenance programmes and interchangeable milk spouts ensure hygiene.

Features & Benefits


A World First: P.E.P.© for Espressi of Outstanding Barista Quality

The secret of exceptional coffee lies in the preparation. JURA has 100 % perfected the espresso brewing process, allowing the E6 to make speciality coffees to professional barista standard.

The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) developed by JURA optimises
the extraction time. To make a short espresso, it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavours of the coffee to fully develop.

With eight different intensity levels, coffee lovers can customise their coffee
just the way they like it.

Intelligent Water System for Automatic Filter Detection

CLARIS water filters supply perfect water quality for the best possible flavour. They also protect the coffee machine against limescale and remove substances that could impair flavour and aroma (such as heavy metals or chlorine) from the water.

To make maximum use of the filter and its capacity, JURA developed the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®). The filter cartridge and coffee machine are wirelessly linked by RFID technology.

The CLARIS Smart filter is detected automatically. Using the filter has never been easier or more reliable.

JURA is Setting New Standards in Very Simple Operation

For those who like to make their favourite coffee quickly, the E6 is ideal. The buttons for the espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam functions are all positioned on the front for maximum convenience. The E6 can even prepare two espressi or coffees at the same time.

Thanks to the modern TFT colour display, operating the machine is self-explanatory.

Total Hygiene

Maintaining this automatic coffee machine is just as simple as preparing a coffee. The integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes can be started at the touch of a button to keep the machine impeccably hygienic.

Now the dishwasher-safe milk spout can be replaced in a flash. Total hygiene and the perfect milk foam are guaranteed at all times.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Treating our planet and its precious resources with respect has always been extremely important to JURA. With the Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©), the E6’s energy-saving potential can be adjusted entirely to the user’s habits and can save up to 40% of the energy normally required. The patented Zero-Energy Switch disconnects the machine completely from the mains supply, avoiding energy consumption on standby. What’s more, the perfect result for the E6 comes from fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted. This avoids unnecessary packaging waste from a single portion system and helps to preserve precious raw materials.

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