Jenga Windows

About the Entry

This project is a 6-meter long and narrow base, which is built into a complex of commercial space to achieve both residential and commercial sales of investment, taking into account the indoor building itself functions.

Features & Benefits


Relax and Give Up Your Phone

The internet is the most important thing for all of us, and we watching on computer, using the phone to surf the internet. But we lack of communication face to face, we think start to work together can be a nice idea – then the theme ‘ jenga ‘ came out.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

We hope the Chinese traditional culture can be reserved, increasing the face-to-face communication, that’s so nice if the building itself can be such a warning to the people.

Use less network communication.

network brings us convenient, but can also caused a lot of social aspects of defects, in China, a growing number of Internet addiction teenagers, becoming afraid of social, so if you can let everyone put down the phone, going out of their homes, more communication is a good thing.

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