iSonic Children Electric Toothbrush

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This product is used for children’s daily oral cleaning and protection of children’s dental health. Besides, in order to cultivate children’s interest in brushing teeth, we adopt the unique design of shape and interesting lighting way.

Features & Benefits


Fun and Playful, and Cultivate Children's Brushing Habits

Children electric toothbrush mainly adopts bright yellow, white and giant panda pattern and other elements which ornament the main body to make it clear and lively.

The base has a cloak shape, with the front panda pattern, and we create the image of the panda with Chinese cultural characteristics to improve children’s interest in brushing, thus, it can better improve the children’s attention to the use of toothbrushes and frequency.

Health and Safety

The material of toothbrush’s main body is ABS plastic, and the brush head adopts food grade pp plastic.

In order to prevent children brush their teeth because of excessive strength to damage the gums and mouth, we added a food grade silicone to wrap the brush head. Brush hair is wavy and has a certain angle of tilt, so it can better fit the children’s teeth and clean oral cavity.

Toothbrush has a long time of using, and charging 7 hours can be used for 42 days, and this can reduce the times of electrical contact by children. In terms of security, we consider more of the over-current protection, anti over-charge protectionand waterproof to ensure that children can use electric toothbrushes safely.

Indicator Lights and Gears

In the part of the fuselage, we designed the 7 playful and fun lights and 3 charging indicator. There are lighting set of 6 animal prints and a small house on the fuselage, if we lit up a panda print per day, and the house pattern will be lit up the seventh day, and this indicates that children guiding panda man home.

This challenge is similar to the task and can be a better way to cultivate children’s enthusiasm of brushing.

In addition, we have set three gears of the toothbrush so that children can choose different gears for their different ages.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The lights will be shine when it is used, and every day light a animal print if it is used for once and the seventh day the light of small house will lit. And this indicates that children guiding pandas home. We use this way of playing game to make children like brushing their teeth and to help them develop the habit of brushing teeth.
When in power, only when the toothbrush is arranged on the base, the charging base began to work, while the toothbrush is away from the seat and the toothbrush will automatically disconnect the power supply, thus the design of intelligent power off makes brushing become more assured, more relaxed, more energy saving and more environmentally friendly.

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