Intel Compute Card

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The Intel Compute Card is a micro-computer designed to bring Intel-powered compute into everyday devices, simply and efficiently.

To best embody this, the Intel Compute Card illustrates a clean and dynamic design aesthetic, with user-centered ergonomics and seamless usability with its ecosystem.

Features & Benefits


Intel Compute Card

The Intel Compute Card is redefining a new solution to an otherwise complicated IOT and device market. We addressed the problem space of upgradability with modular compute by designing a form factor and interaction model that started with the card’s ecosystem first.

By understanding where the card would be living (appliances, displays, laptops) and who would be using the product (installers and end users) we found that the end cap of the card influencing a slant affordance was critical to the design of the ecosystem device.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Commonly known as “e-waste”, outdated consumer and industrial electronics are one of the largest contributors to waste in the world today.

We made it our mission to combat e-waste and inefficiencies within consumer and industrial technology manufacturing by creating an ecosystem solution that could allow device updates by simply and effectively using an Intel-powered compute module.

We conducted customer and end-user research and found that updating consumer and industrial devices did not have to require an entire product refresh (buying an entire brand new device) but could be updated with a new processor.

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