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Indeed Meguro, a second engineering base in Japan, is a unique collaboration between the latest ergonomics furniture and Zen spirits. You will feel peaceful atmosphere as soon as you walk in. Combination of sound absorbing materials, soft color scheme and indirect lighting at open space created serene office.

Features & Benefits


Laser focus work space

Hexagon work station unit with ergonomics chairs, height-adjustable desks and exclusively designed sound absorbing partition are combined to upkeep engineers’ work style. Both chairs and desks are made to reduce physical stress and hexagon units are carefully placed that they won’t have awkward moment of facing each other over the screens. This setting enables each team to sit in the same unit for spontaneous and smooth communication within a team. Minimal design of straight lines of ceiling lights and bare ceiling embodies laser-focus work style. As client’s slogan is “We help people get jobs”, the new engineering office deliberates the office help people get jobs done.

Noiseless office

This office is placed in the city center where noise from streets is noticeable. Acoustic fabrics and furniture are selected to implement peaceful ambiance in contrast to the surroundings. For instance, partitions in between each engineers are covered with sound absorbing felted fabric. Acoustic partitions reduce noise level and less visual disturbance. Reducing both audio and visual noise leads to appropriate working environment. Quietness is a major element to maintain productivity.

Greens inside and out

Starting with the bottom of table lamp, various kinds of plants can be seen in every direction. Not only plants have scientifically proved positive effects but also it evokes people to change their posture and moods. For instance, symbolic tree is surrounded by low-height furniture for people to take horizontal postures and relax. Besides, a technique of traditional gardening to incorporate the surrounding landscape into design was used to integrate the view of famous garden nearby. By placing traditional style resting area alongside the window, people can observe garden and city view and indoor plants at the same time. Feeling nature inside and out helps employees to increase access to mindfulness.

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Working solely or in a small groups often results in better productivity, but it could miss innovative opportunity of working with other members within the office. Therefore casual meeting spaces and refresh area are placed near work stations and traffic lines lead to cafeteria where people naturally gather around. Half circle sofas and big tables encourage conversation to find unknown possibility. Furthermore, cheerful energy from play room is transferred to cafeteria through glass folding doors. Since staffs are coming and going between previous and new offices, clear communication points are essential to bring client’s business to another level.

Aesthetic environment

Serenity and office is a rare combination, therefore we attempted to create new asset for work environment. Several elements, such as high ceilings, larger personal space, and indirect illumination, are used to incorporate aesthetic quality. Moreover, glass walls drastically increase visibility of entire office, and its transparency highlights characteristic materials in meeting rooms. Open and serene work space is designed.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Mobility, reduce waste and lower physical effort were core ideas for sustainable office. Motion sensor lighting system is used throughout the office for efficiency in terms of energy and cost. It also reduces stress of office managers. We successfully reduced paper consumption by introducing ceramic plates for their daily company lunch. Additionally, majority of furniture have high mobility in correspond to rapid growth of the number of engineers. Consider relocation into an account, we designed one-step detachable partition with recycled materials. It enables to change layout within the office and easy to transfer to another location. Cushions made from recycled sailcloth are placed in resting area.

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