i-STAT Alinity System

About the Entry

i-STAT Alinity is a portable, handheld device that analyzes blood tests at a patient’s side and includes features like an ergonomic design; a large color touch screen; lights and sound notifications and a high-resolution camera. It can be used in a variety of settings such as hospitals, ambulances or remote areas.

Features & Benefits


Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design with easy-grip handling was implemented to help with balance, comfort and security while carrying

Durable Materials

Durable materials were used to prevent damage from drops and harsh cleaning substances commonly used in clinical settings


A large, bright, color touchscreen with graphics-driven, on-screen guidance and advanced light and sound notifications alerts clinicians with critical information

Wireless Capabilities

Wireless or hard-wired connectivity is built in to i-STAT Alinity so healthcare providers can manage diagnostic data and oversight with the broader healthcare system’s network

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud connectivity that uses a standard web browser makes it easy for users to customize multiple i-STAT Alinity instruments and provide seamless transmission of quality control data

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