Horticultural Expo 2019

About the Entry

The 2019 International Horticultural Exposition will be held in the beautiful county – Yanqing, Beijing. Yanqing enjoys both natural and artificial wonders, Yanshan Mountain and the Great Wall of China. We provide the logo and visual identity system for the event.)

Features & Benefits


Inspiration and Combination

The logo consists of six colorful flower petals swaying around the Great Wall (the symbol of flower bud), which vividly illustrates the theme concept of ‘International Horticultural Exposition by the Great Wall’.

The Three-colored, Six-petal peace flower bears the traditional Chinese philosophical theory ‘the six directions’ implying the heaven and the universe.

We adopted overlapping and gradient to feature technology and fashion, impressing people with strong visual impact.

The subtle combination between the flower buds and the Great Wall is highly identifiable. Integrally, the logo comprises extrinsic fashion and intrinsic oriental culture.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Such design spirit ‘to convey or present Chinese elements from international view’ is well embodied through combination between oriental culture charm and modern science & art.

The logo we designed conveys a dignified atmosphere, manifesting dense humanistic care and artistic temperament. The logo and VI system will be applied to all products and visual displays in the venue. Furthermore, the VI system is well immersed with the conference atmosphere, and will further extend visitor’s comprehension of the event.

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