Hexcyl Pro Series Range of Shellfish Baskets

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The Hexcyl Pro Series range of shellfish baskets are designed to maximize the efficiencies inherent in the adjustable longline oyster farming system and have been purpose built to withstand the relentless effects of constant exposure to the harsh marine environment.

Features & Benefits


Compatible Material Selection

Choosing impact resistant, UV stable materials with the ability to cope with the rigors of regular handling and constant exposure to the elements is the foundation on which the integrity of the Hexcyl Pro Series shellfish basket design rests.

The harshness of the marine environment required selection of materials with unique characteristics capable of withstanding the extremes of heat, subzero temperatures and wind generated wave energy common to many shellfish farming locations around the world. The combination of UV stability and impact resistant properties ensures longevity well in excess of the 5 year guarantee Hexcyl has given on the material used for the Pro series Shellfish basket.

Simplicity of Assembly

Three injection molded components are paired and clipped together by hand for simplicity of assembly.

The injection molded components consist of a pair of suspension clips, body halves and end doors.

The comprehensive range of baskets are available in 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 mm square mesh apertures to house single seed oysters from 4 mm screen size spat to 160+ mm mature stock.

25 litre Volume

Tailoring the volume of the Hexcyl Pro Series shellfish basket to 25 litres ensures that oyster farmers achieve the most economic and efficient carrying capacity per individual basket handling.

The 25 litre basket dimensions allow for a design load of up to 10kg to maximize the safe load bearing capacity of the adjustable longline infrastructure.

Packaging Efficiency

The super-efficient nesting of the basket body and end doors enables 15 complete 25 litre shellfish baskets sets to be packaged per carton.

The carton dimensions allow for a maximum of 24 cartons (360 baskets) per pallet providing the most cost effective configuration available for warehousing, transportation and container shipping.

Reduced Wear and Component Failure

Shellfish baskets suspended from longlines are regularly exposed to wind generated wave energy making them prone to high levels of wear and component failure.

The orientation of Hexcyls’ unique patented square axle pivot bank and J-hook connection system removes the pivoting connection point commonly used in all other standard industry designs. Locking the suspension clip in the upright operating position eliminates all unnecessary wear leading to catastrophic component failure at this connection point.


The unique duel suspension clip design prevents baskets from sliding along the adjustable line whether orientated in the standard linear fashion or attached across a set of parallel lines.

The square axle pivot bank and J-hook connection system allows for any number of custom attachments to be designed and fitted for inter-tidal, sub-tidal or floating applications.

Efficient Stacking and Storage.

The hexagonal basket shape produces a structurally robust geometry ideally suited to the daily demands required for load, space and handling efficiency. The interlocking basket creates an extremely efficient, stable stacking pattern for storage and transportation of baskets to and from the farm.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Hexcyl Systems’ Pro Series shellfish baskets are purpose built to overcome chronic infrastructure failures plaguing many other products specifically designed for use with the innovative adjustable longline oyster farming method. Improving the efficiency and longevity of adjustable longline infrastructure is as important to the economics of oyster farming as it is to protecting the marine and terrestrial environment.

Selection of unique impact resistant materials combined with a light weight, robust design ensure that the versatile Hexcyl Pro Series range of shellfish baskets avoids unnecessary redundancy and premature entry into the waste stream.

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