About the Entry

An app built by the weightlifters, for the weightlifters, Stacked will help you build muscle, get strong, and lose fat faster. Weight lifting workouts become smoother, accurate in measure and the app monitors your body composition.
Unlike other weightlifting apps, GetStacked is uncluttered, clean, elegant and easy to use.

Features & Benefits


Large Database

It comes preloaded with a large database of exercises, including those that use free weights, machines, and body weight, and popular workout routines for men and women.

Record Your Performance

The user can create notes for individual sets and workouts, allowing you to precisely record how your training is going.

Workout To Your Own Music

The user can assign iTunes or SoundCloud playlists to workouts, and control the music from within the app.

Review Progress

The user can review the progress with their body and in their workouts with pictures and several types of graphs.
They can review any workout that they’ve done and see everything from the sets performed to the notes made, the total workout duration and volume, and more.

Create Your Own Workout Routine

Create your own workout routines, and it’s built to handle everything, ranging from a simple, repetitive bodyweight program to a complex strength training block.

No Complex Tools

– It does plate math for you, so you always know how to load the bar correctly.
– You can access a 1RM calculator when you’re creating and doing workouts for easy loading calculations.

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