About the Entry

The owner of this project is Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Limited, the largest city complex developer in China.

This is a sales center of city complex, and it must meet three functions: sales, investment, showing. In this project, we also designed the architecture, landscape, interior and soft wear, hopes to reach four integrated concept.

Features & Benefits


Rational use of public space

Most of the time ,every building has one function that is open to one specific group of people.

However, when these people leave the building , it will be a waste. We hope that through our design, we can make the environment have a higher utilization rate.

In the landscape we made some adjustments so other kinds of people can also be integrated in among them.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

We divided sales and investment into two parts which are opposite to each other, first parallel, then interlocking, slicing and overlapping, finally integrated them into a fusion, then put it into a glass box (showcase) in staggered position and this the show area and is used by both sales and investment.

The final appearance of the building also reflects the three key functions: [sales], [investment] and[ display].