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Fusion is an all-in-one portable electric guitar.
With a built in amp, battery and speakers, guitar players no longer have to carry bulky gear and cables. The integrated iOS dock unleashes an in-built recording studio for learning, creating, collaborating and sharing music.

Features & Benefits


1. A Fully Portable and Complete Electric Guitar Rig.

Fusion has everything you need to play, learn and record an electric guitar, whether you’re just starting out or a professional guitar player.

Fusion eliminates the need for multiple hardware devices – amplifier, speakers, foot pedals, power supply, multiple cables, a computer and computer-guitar interface.

Fusion is an ultra-low voltage instrument – safe for outdoor use, but can also be used as a traditional stage guitar.

The body is compact and rounded to be a convenient travel guitar. It even comes with backpack style bag for maximum portability.

2. Multiple Technologies Working Together.

The Fusion engineers have ensured that many complex technologies within the instrument work seamlessly together to provide reliable performance.

Fusion includes:
Amplifier: powerful, low distortion 20 watt amp
Battery: high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery with up to 12 hours playing time
Audience speakers: two 25 watt full range drivers
Monitor speakers: 20mm mid-high frequency driver
iOs dock: compatible with all standard Apple devices
Proprietary electronics: Australian designed PCB
Lines out: 1/4 inch guitar line out for traditional amps and PA’s as well as 3.5mm headphone jack.

Fusion is registered with RCM ACMA (Australian Government) and complies with FCC (USA) requirements.

3. With iOS and App Integration, a Recording Studio in your Guitar.

Fusion was developed under MFi program to be intrinsically compatible with a wide range of Apple devices including iPod Gen 5 & 6 and iPhone 5 through 7+. Fusion comes with four alternative docks to suit your device, and the connection is future-proof as the cable can be swapped.

Fusion leverages the computing power of your smartphone – employing real time digital signal processing with no latency. Combined sophisticated apps, Fusion opens a world of music creation possibilities. Loop, layer and record tracks to build up songs. Use digital effects to manipulate sounds. Run realistic amp simulations to create the tone you want. Capture a riff, whenever inspiration strikes, and instantly share and collaborate.

4. Fusion is Accessible and Easy to Play and Learn.

Choosing to play electric guitar for the first time is no longer a challenge.
All the complex kit you need to get started is built in and works seamlessly. Simply drop in your phone or iPod and play. It even comes charged and ready to go.

Integration with your smartphone or device puts the best teaching apps and tutorials at your fingertips and makes it easy to learn in an highly visual and interactive way at your own pace. You can even watch free “how to” videos while you play. And because it’s portable, you can play and practice anywhere or anytime that’s convenient for you. You can even plug in headphones for privacy.

5. Patented Floating Assemblies for High Quality Acoustics.

Before Fusion, it wasn’t possible to offer speakers in an electric guitar due to looped feedback. This happens when the sound from the speakers vibrates the guitar body, creating an infinite sound loop.

Fusion’s patented floating speaker box assembly isolates the speakers from the body. Additionally, mechanical damping between the body and neck to sequester the pickups.

To achieve the genuine tone of a traditional guitar, the neck is solid hardwood timber from the head, through the body to the bridge. A split coil hot-rail Humbucker on the bridge and a single coil Humbucker on the neck ensure accurate sound with the depth that artists expect.

6. True to its Traditional Roots.

While Fusion packs a lot of technology into a single musical instrument, authenticity and guitar tradition were key to its creation. The Fusion guitar draws on the beauty of traditional guitars to create a modern and inspiring design that appeals to both the emotional and rational needs of guitar enthusiasts of all ages.

While the body is thicker than a typical electric guitar, it is thinner than an acoustic guitar, so it’s easy to hold and play.

Fusion weighs the same as a Gibson Les Paul solid bodied electric guitar, and is ergonomically styled for natural comfort. The timber fingerboard, metal inlays, Humbucker pickups and switch layout are all designed for a familiar feel.

7. Designed for Long Life.

Fusion’s life span is the same as a traditional electric guitar – more than 20 years.
The durable, high impact resistant moulded PC/ABS body has integral colour that won’t scratch off.

Rechargeable batteries and other components can be replaced by a service technician if required. Fusion can be easily disassembled; standard thread-forming screw fasteners are used to assemble the body, mouldings and components. Moulded parts can be recycled at end of life. The lightning connector can be upgraded to future Apple cable designs.

The Fusion Guitar comes with a robust warranty, returns and exchange policy as standard, and Fusion has dedicated customer service staff to provide after-sale support.

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