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Modern Cooking is social, inclusive and inventive and Family Hub is the eco-system that brings this to life

Featuring a 21.5 inch LCD touchscreen, it seamlessly connects to compatible smartphones to share family calendars, photos; see what’s inside while grocery shopping; or accessing music or television, Family Hub™ enriches family life in practical ways.

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Family Hub

The Samsung Family Hub™ Refrigerator is revolutionary advancement that changes the refrigerator category in meaningful ways. The Family Hub™ becomes a focal point for family members, enhancing their lives with family connections, food management and entertainment experiences like never before.

Family Hub™ is a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen refrigerator that, when connected to your home internet connection, lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain while spending time in the kitchen.

Grocery Hub

• Create shopping lists using the Woolies app and sync directly between fridge & compatible devices
• See what’s inside the fridge with 3 built-in cameras that sync with compatible phones so you can keep track when you’re running low on groceries while on the go
• Order groceries online directly through the Woolworths App
• Access an ever-growing bank of recipes with ‘how-to’ videos
• Drag & drop expiration dates to images of items inside the fridge to know what needs to be used by when

Connected Home Hub

• Organise schedules, leave notes and reminders with the entire family
• Display photo albums and special family memories for all to see
• Get latest weather and news updates so you’re always in-the-know!

Entertainment Hub

• Stream music with built-in speakers using Pandora or TuneIn Radio
• Wirelessly mirror a compatible SmartTV to the touchscreen so you never miss out on drama or action.
• Surf the internet with a full internet browser when connected to your home Wi-Fi network

Fridge Design

• Converts from a freezer to a fridge with customizable temperature settings when you need extra space for entertaining
• Helps keep food fresher for longer with high humidity levels and helps minimize odour mixing between refrigerator doors
• Is sleek and stylish with stunning black stainless steel design with counter depth

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