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About the Entry

As a famous brand, Evergrande Kindergarten is mainly engaged in preschool education. Considering child’s instincts and preschool education characteristics, we tried to experience the wonderful world and created the logo from the perspective of children. By adopting lovely patterns and diversified colors, we conveyed the brand vision and concept.

Features & Benefits


Inspiration and Highlight

Considering a child’s instincts and pre-school education characteristics, we emulated an experience of a ‘wonderful world’.

What’s important for us was to create all visuals from a child’s perspective. We did this with elements of the method of plasticine (a putty0like modeling clay). It appears to be like the scene of two back-to-back children outlining a place full of dreams and happiness.

The combination of the logo nicely illustrates the diversified colors, representing children’s simplicity and dreams. Besides, children can make up different forms to construct lovely and rich images in their minds.

Specific Elaboration

The logo consists of four letters ‘E, V, E, R’ all extracted from ‘EVERGRANDE’, implying ‘everyone, everytime, everything and everywhere’ and manifesting the brand attributes. Elements of the logo originates from the concept of plasticine, meaning children at preschool age are very potential and flexible.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The design of auxiliary graphics originates from the colorful and wonderful world in children’s eye.

Based on children’s paintings, we re-created irregular patterns and constructed lovely little animal appearance looking like 26 English cartoon letters, thus to promote the learning to be lively and vivid, and create an atmosphere where children can learn and live happily.

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