Equal Access Barbecue Bench and Cabinet

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The BBQ Bench/Cabinet was designed to the Access and Mobility standards and certified by Access Solutions National. Greenplate believe they have produced the most accessible BBQ Bench as well as utilizing ie: Blue/ White LED lighting on the switch and extra-large font on the instructions for visually impaired.

Features & Benefits


Wheel Chair Accessible from All sides with Correct Height/Overhang

Greenplate® specialise in designing BBQ’s for disabled bodied persons. Emphasis has been placed on providing a BBQ Bench/Cabinet that can house up to four wheelchairs at the one time. No other Equal Access BBQ on today’s market can achieve this!

Correct dimensions for overhang to accommodate wheelchairs in a suitable position fully conform to appropriate standard’s.

The Bench has been specifically designed to a height which prevents young children from touching the cooking surface whilst still ensuring regulatory standard’s heights are adhered to.

Recognition by way of Certification by Access Solutions National, has been awarded to Greenplate for their ingenuity in design, safety and disable bodied access.

Visually Impaired Features

Not only does Greenplate’s® Equal Access BBQ Bench/Cabinet cater for wheelchair accessible persons but also persons whom are visually impaired.

Blue and white LED’s on our switch along with extra-large font on all BBQ signage assists with visual awareness. No other BBQ Bench/Cabinet on today’s market houses these features.

Greenplate® have considered those members of the community that would not be thought of in the design phase of a public BBQ. Greenplate’s® motivation to go this extra mile is to grant all persons the opportunity to cook and enjoy one of Australia’s great past times.

The Blue /White LED lights on our push button switch along with the extra-large font on signage assists the visually impaired

Fully DDA Compliant with Independent Certification

Greenplate worked in conjunction with one of Queensland’s prominent Council’s in designing a BBQ Bench and Cabinet to include in their Landscape Infrastructure Manual that would specifically meet the needs of Disabled Bodied persons and the Visually Impaired. Incredibly stringent DDA compliant guidelines were adhered to and Greenplate® were in turn accepted as the BBQ Manufacturer of choice for supplying DDA compliant BBQ’s to this Council. Greenplate® also received recognition by way of Certification by Access Solutions National.

This independent Certification has enhanced Greenplate’s® portfolio and presence in the industry, as a Company whom has embraced the epitome of a holistic approach when designing a DDA Compliant BBQ Bench/Cabinet. Greenplate® are exceptionally proud to supply these DDA compliant BBQ’s all over Australia to enhance the enjoyment of Barbecuing for all persons.

Bench is Made Completely from 316 Stainless Steel

The BBQ bench and cabinet is made from 316 stainless steel with numerous support brackets in place which ensures vandal resistancy!

A levelling system has been designed to adjust the Cabinet should a slab not be level. The bench/cabinet is delivered fully assembled with the BBQ switches pre-installed for ease of installation.

Stainless steel dyna bolts are supplied allowing for the BBQ to be quickly and easily bolted down to the surface.

Whilst Greenplate’s® DDA compliant BBQ’s are designed specifically for wheelchairs and the visually impaired, this does not differentiate against able bodied persons using this design as well. The BBQ Bench is exceptionally robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

All materials and components used in manufacturing are of the highest quality thus ensuring the life span of the Greenplate Equal Access Bench has sustainable longevity. Greenplate’s Equal Access Bench/Cabinet have components used in manufacturing that are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. A sustainable outcome has been achieved through recognizing the need for designing concepts that cater for all persons. Greenplate’s mission, vision and values are clearly defined by our logo “Sustainable Product Solutions” and reiterated in our mission statement and training manuals. Our social impact covers feedback from customers and Facebook interaction which allows us to design sustainable products for the market

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