Enware Wellbeing Tapware Range

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Enware Wellbeing™ is designed to address the needs of the aging user. Intuitive and familiar in functionality, the Wellbeing™ range ensures ease of use through combining ergonomic principles, tactile materials, contrasting colours and bold geometric shapes to optimize user comfort, strength and capabilities.

Features & Benefits


User Inspired design that enhances long term use.

Traditional hot and cold handle controls provide long term recognition the user can relate to, especially those with Dementia.

Handle controls are easier to operate for people with limited dexterity or arthritis due to single rotational movements without the need to lift.

They offer finer temperature and flow adjustment to enhance user comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin. The German engineered ceramic disc valves provide easy glide functionality, limiting the strength needed to control the water while maintaining the highest commercial quality.

Long term independence through ergonomic design.

The handle design is critical in ensuring easy, independent long term access to water.

It combines ergonomic principles with bold geometric shapes to optimize the user’s strength capabilities. Its rounded end and sectional form promote easy use for people with arthritic hands or limited dexterity and transfers movement to the more powerful forearm and upper arm rather than the more delicate palm and finger muscles.

A tactile material on the handle feels warm to touch and offers more comfort to those with more sensitive skin. Aging eyes require greater contrast of colour so the handle has been designed with easy to distinguish colour indicators that are highly visible.

Contemporary yet Traditional

The Wellbeing™ range has been designed to resist the institutional look of traditional two handle lever tapware.

Combining easy to clean bright chrome bodies, handles and spouts with contrasting black antimicrobial polymer lever controls, the Wellbeing™ range offers a contemporary style that aligns with modern bathroom designs while enhancing user experience and well being.

Strong colour indication that are soft to touch provides tactile functionality cues ensuring safe and comfortable use while the clean lines and cylindrical shapes stand strong and bold as a center piece of the bathroom.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

The Wellbeing™ range provide a sustainable advantage for care facilities across many aspects. The German engineered brass valves and solid brass construction of the mixer bodies and spouts provide long term functionality in commercial applications ensuring long term product use.

The overall products design accommodates the changes in physical and cognitive capability of the aging user further enhancing its operation over time. The basin and bath Single lever controlled products are sequentially controlled intuitively using cold water through to hot, ensuring that the user is not unnecessarily drawing hot water and wasting energy.

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