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Did you know it takes 7,000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans? Fast fashion has a major environmental impact. At Electrolux, we designed our washing machine to take better care of clothes, so both the clothes and our customers stay looking great for longer.

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The UltimateCare washer expresses the reliability and performance that is required from a modern-day washing machine.

The strong, sculpted body, robust chromed door, and metal-look control panel imbue the machine with the appearance of strength and quality.

The precise feeling of the knob and door opening reinforce these values.
The control panel additionally offers superior usability by allowing instant activation of UltraMix and Vapour Refresh – the key technologies to keep your clothes looking and feeling as good as new.


Designed to fit perfectly into your laundry and lifestyle, this washing machine loves and cares for your clothes as much as you do.

From everyday items, through to delicate designer pieces, your clothes will retain their softness, shape & colour with new UltraMix™ technology.

Ultramix™ pre-mixes water & detergent in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximise cleaning power at a lower temperature, to ensure you clothes look newer for longer.

It also features Vapour Refresh technology to refresh clothes, remove allergens and reduce the need for ironing.
Additionally, the Woolmark program is approved by the Woolmark Company to safely wash wool garments labelled as machine washable.


For added safety and reassurance the child-lock feature prevents accidental starting (or stopping) of programs in case a little one is at the controls.

The door automatically locks when a load starts, protecting your family (and your décor) from the risk of water spillage.


The ultimate care system washers feature solid chrome doors and control panels created using ‘in mould decoration’ (IMD) technology.

The UltimateCare washing machine incorporates the latest ‘perfect knob’ knowledge from our Global Research and Development Centre in Italy. Tactile feedback with an audible sound and LED indicator move around the knob to let you know which programme is selected.


For more than 90 years Electrolux has been an essential part of home environments around the world. Laundry day transforms from chore to near joy with a simple way to care for your clothes so that they feel like new every time you wear them. It’s authentically revolutionary in terms of usage and puts the pleasure back into garment care.

We’ve differentiated by offering products that remember your favourite settings, preserve that crisp new feeling wash after wash, and consume only what’s necessary for pristine results. This is design that makes a tangible difference.


Our research showed that not being able to add clothes after the cycle commenced was a main inhibitor for customers to switch from a top loading machine to a front loading one. That’s why we added an indicator which lets users know they can still add items before the cycle gets fully underway.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

According to Newsweek, “Fast fashion is creating an environmental crisis.” In America, the average individual trashes 36 kilos of clothing per year. We wanted to help our customers look after their ‘old favourites’, so they’d have less need to buy new.

Our UltimateCare washer premixes detergent, so it’s gentler on fabrics and washes better at lower temperatures which saves energy.

As a company, Electrolux spends 1/3 of all product development budgets on decreasing energy use, increasing water efficiency, and ensuring end-of-life recyclability.

For 7 consecutive years, Electrolux has been listed within the top 10% of over 2,500 companies for social and environmental performance.

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