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Designed by Nick Johnston at Rogerseller and developed in partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric by Rogerseller is a remote tap mixer that pays homage to the individualism, wonder and curiosity found in many great scientists, explorers and inventors, and their rebellion against convention.

Features & Benefits


Unique Patent-pending Technology

When engaged, Eccentric by Rogerseller embraces quirky genius by progressively revealing an unexpected back-plate featuring cold and hot indicators, thanks to its axis uniquely positioned off-centre (patent-pending). Once the handle is returned to its closed position, the unconventional back-plate is hidden once again.

Using German progressive cartridge technology, Eccentric by Rogerseller enhances user safety & energy saving by opening in a low-pressure cold position, which increases in pressure with the turn of the dial. Unlike a traditional mixer, hot water is introduced only when required by rotating the mixer past the cold mark, increasing in temperature as the dial moves to its furthest open position.

Iconic but Understated Aesthetic

Whilst adopting a universal and timeless round aesthetic to pair and complement the existing Rogerseller range of basin, bath, and shower outlets,
Eccentric features a subtle fin to comfortably match finger contours. The fin provides the necessary leverage when slippery and enhances Eccentric’s visual identity.

The mechanical relationship between the two circles, handle and back-plate, is eccentric by definition. Its fluid motion is pleasantly surprising and has a sense of satisfaction when returned to its closed position – providing an everlasting positive experience to the user.

Available in Rogerseller’s 11 carefully selected ‘Natural Elements’ finishes, the mixer further exemplifies its versatility.

Universal Applications in the Bathroom

The mixer can be easily wall or bench mounted and used universally across basin, bath or shower applications or can be complemented with Eccentric wall mounted bath or basin outlets for a signature aesthetic.

Un-compromised Quality in Components, Materials and Production

Displaying the utmost respect to the customer and environment, it is Rogerseller’s responsibility as a trusted premium brand to deliver a superior quality product that is built to last a lifetime.

Made in Australia completely from brass, enables careful selection of raw materials and closely controlled machining and finishing tolerances, which ensures a repeatable quality product.
Internally, the mixer uses a German-made ceramic disc brass cartridge, selected for its reliability and seamless function.

Proudly Australian owned

As per any new product development a close dialogue between ‘designer’ and ‘maker’ is integral to its success.
Designed by Nick Johnston at Rogerseller and developed in partnership with leading tapware manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric is a true Australian born innovation that is intended to grow the domestic industry, and also export its protected technology into international markets.

Value Innovation

Penetrating through the saturation of mediocre tapware products in the market driven by price only, Eccentric with its uniqueness in design and quality presents an attractive value proposition to the design conscious customer at the affordable-luxury end of the market. (Starting at a recommended retail price of 495AUD.)

Launched in February 2017, Eccentric has already received a strong reception and intends to be a catalyst in building global equity in the ‘by Rogerseller’ name as a leading bathroom design brand, and contribute to the credibility of Australian designed and made on an international scale.

Key Sustainability Design Features and Benefits

Eccentric’s most important commitment to the environment is its longevity. This is achieved through the use of reliable, quality materials and components that can be serviced if necessary, as well as its timeless design aesthetic which will foresee its long-term relevance.

Eccentric enhances user energy saving through its operation and can also be paired with a range of water-saving outlets within the Rogerseller portfolio, that can be adapted if necessary to meet future demands of water supply.

Made completely from brass material, waste product from machining during manufacture can be easily recycled. Likewise, when the product finally reaches its end-of-life, it can be broken down in parts and recycled.

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